Mango Kush


Boasting a unique flavor and aroma, Mango Kush is a laid-back strain, ideal for relaxing at home and social events out.

It is a combination of Mango—a popular Indica strain in the 1960s—and Hindu Kush, which is often used to make hashish. The result is Mango Kush, a mellow but sociable kind of cannabis with a high myrcene terpene count and low levels of THC, making it a good choice for marijuana newcomers. Mango Kush really does have a mango aroma with undertones of banana, and a similar taste, with some earthiness when exhaled.

After an initial feeling of euphoria, the effects of Mango Kush can turn sleep-inducing—about an hour or two after consumption.

The pronounced body melt caused by this Indica-dominant hybrid may be beneficial for medical marijuana users experiencing joint and other kinds of pain. Mango Kush can also increase appetite and help overcome social anxieties.


Myrcene Beta-Caryophyllene Limonene Linalool

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