Origin Story

In 2014 HelloMD was formed when the co-founder, Pamela Hadfield found that medical cannabis helped prevent migraines she had suffered for a lifetime. Since that time HelloMD has helped people on their journey with cannabis to make informed decisions through online consultation with licensed Practitioners, educational content and access to information about other non-traditional forms of care. Out team has always been dedicated to holistic health, treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Our Mission

We recognize that in some cases, traditional medicine just isn’t enough. Our belief is that healthcare should be designed for you. We offer our knowledge and support so that you may learn about more natural alternatives; whether it be for anxiety, better sleep, or a treatment for chronic pain. Our main goal is to simplify non-traditional healthcare by offering virtual consultations – online or via text with our licensed, experienced Practitioners.

Knowledge is Power

We have over 5,000 pages of quality medical advice and educational information. We’re constantly adding new content to address the most common questions people have about cannabis and healthcare alternatives. We’ve become the trusted source online for cannabis education and we have been rated #1 on Trust pilot within Health and Wellness. We’ve always believed in the power of education. With over 5,000 pages of quality medical advice and informative content, we seek to reach the mainstream; knowledge is power. We strive to create new, and compelling content, whether it be static or video, to answer the most common questions people have about alternative healthcare and general wellness. HelloMD has been rated #1 on TrustPilot within Health & Wellness for superior Telehealth consultations and educational advice.

Medical Advice

Our licensed Practitioners – whether they be doctors, nurses or health coaches, provide medical certifications, helpful advice and prescriptions. Depending on your health concern, we aim to support you. We offer complementary care that supports the whole person, always designed for your needs.