With sharp, long-lasting effects, this Sativa-leaning hybrid is one of the best-loved modern cannabis strains. Cultivated by the well-known Subcool of TGA Genetics, Chernobyl is a cross of Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity.

With a citrusy aroma and flavor, it boasts respectable THC content that can range anywhere from 16 to 22%, or go as high as 30%. Chernobyl boosts energy so may not be a good selection if you want to wind down. But its enchanting, cerebral effects lend themselves to creative pursuits, with a high that lasts up to three hours. Experienced cannabis users may be able to consume it during the daytime, with the right dosing.

The uplifting, energizing nature of Chernobyl is also prized by medical marijuana patients looking for help with depression and fatigue. It can also work with migraines, nausea, and mild-to-moderate pain.


Pinene Myrcene Limonene

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