Can you tell me how many milligrams of THC are in a typical joint?

"I usually smoke joints and I am fine with that. But if I were to start taking edibles instead, what would be a similar dose?"

The answer to this would be zero.

A typical joint is rolled with cannabis that would typically not have any CBD bred into the strain, or so little it would not register. Most strains today stand between 15%-25% THC. You can of course seek out higher CBD strains such as Harlequin, Cannatonic or Electra Tsu which have a 3:1 ratio (around there) of CBD to THC. You could also seek out a CBD strain such as Charlotte's Web or ACDC which is almost all CBD and has no psychoactive effect.

I am not a doctor and this represents my views. I hope this helps!

Pamela Hadfield

Your typical flower will have between 12%-28% THC and 1%-5% CBD. This works out to 120mg-280mg of THC and 10mg-40mg of CBD. Obivously, all joints are different unless you source them from a reputable and legal collective, or are making them yourself and are meticulous about how much flower you put in each one. Generally speaking, your typical joint will have around .75g of flower which means you're looking at 90mg-210mg of THC and 7.5mg-30mg of CBD per joint. Again, these are estimates because all flowers and all joints are different. If you are in the market for high quality, organic prerolls look no further than Green Door West for a consistent experience. You can find our 100% organic and vegan menu, which include our prerolls, some of which are made with high-cbd strain like "Harlequin" here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections


It depends on the person. 50 mg is a very decent dose, but some people only need 10 mg and others need hundreds to get anywhere.


This is highly variable based on the person and also based on the form of consumption. For instance, take an edible which is metabolized by liver.

It is said, that THC is actually stronger when consumed this way than by smoking or vaping, based on how your body processes it. With an edible, 5mg for me is enough to make me feel stoned and want to go to sleep. For others, this low dosage may not be felt at all. Other people may be able to consume up to 100mg of THC per day and still function. It really depends on your system.

In terms of smoking, again this is variable. I am unable to smoke typical strains of THC which may be at 18% THC whereas my partner can smoke a whole joint and be functional.

The best way to determine what is right for you is to always go low and slow. Start at a bare minimum dosage and wait to feel the effect. Then go from there.

I hope this helps!

Pamela Hadfield

If you roll your own, you can calculate the quantity of THC based on the amount of cannabis you are putting in the joint and the concentration of THC known to be in the strain you are using.

If you are referring to the average dispensary pre-roll, you are talking about 750mg - 1g of cannabis per joint. The average THC concentration in today's strains is around 12%, which is about 3-4 times as potent as strains a couple decades ago. Using these numbers, this means that your typical pre-roll will have approximately 100mg of THC. Some strains have a THC concentration upwards of 25%.

The bottom line is, a lot! Caution is advised, and many patients will use one joint over several days for this reason.

In general, I discourage smoking, because marijuana smoke contains carbon monoxide, tar, carcinogens and other chemicals which may be toxic and damaging to body tissues. Vaporizing shredded flower or CO2-extracted oil concentrates are considered safe alternatives, as we are not aware of any damaging substances in marijuana itself. Vaporizers control the temperature of your medicine such that it only turns into vapor, akin to water turning into steam; and they do not burn the cannabis. Therefore, no smoke with its potentially harmful products of combustion is created.

Dr. Edmunds

Flower typically has 12% to 28% THC. In other words, that's 120 mg to 280 mg per gram of flower. And edibles get metabolized by the endocannabinoid system way differently so don't start out with apples to apples dosage from flower to edibles. Start small like 15 mg...wait up to 2 hours, then take more and figure out your own titration. Every person I know has a very uncomfortable story regarding over-medicating on edibles. Later, everyone will tell their story and laugh, but it's not funny at the time. If you over medicate; eat, drink lots of water, some people say drink orange juice and just hold on to your hat, it will pass, and you'll get through it. Some people also say having CBD on hand will counteract the over-medication of THC, so it's good to have that handy. I haven't personally tried CBD when I've over-medicated, which has been about 3 times total in my experience of dabbing/vaping concentrates or eating edibles.

Cheri Devine

Let me talk about the second part of your question. At first impulse it makes sense to try and match your THC milligram dosage with your edible dosage to experience a similar result. However, when THC is metabolized in the liver it is converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC. This particular cannabinoid passes through the blood-brain barrier much more efficiently than THC. As a result the high can be much more intense. If we take Dr. Edwards calculation and apply it to your edible dose then you would start your dosing at 120mg. That is dangerously strong for someone who is not experienced with edibles.

Edibles are a whole other experience than smoking so you should start with a very low dose and work your way up from there. Pick out something easily measurable, like a chocolate bar. Plan a day to take it and see how it affects you over the course of a few hours. The next day adjust your dosage accordingly, but probably only in 2.5-5mgs. These may seem like low dosages, but some people can be very sensitive to the effects of 11-Hydroxy-THC. When I eat edibles with one of my friend's we always have to give her less than 7mg, despite that she smokes several times a week. Otherwise the effects are far too strong.


Edibles vs smoked can not really be compared. When you eat it you get the full dose of the edible. The dose in a joint depends on weight of joint ÷ percentage of thc (1gram/.20) 200mg thc

Mb Davison


Mike Twist

Hi there!

If you are trying to calculate the amount of milligrams of THC in a typical joint, there are a few variables that you will need to take into consideration.

The first thing to keep in mind is that THC levels of cannabis flower vary by each strain used. Certain marijuana strains may not be as potent as others, and if you are consuming a CBD strain, there will be significantly less THC present.

Another factor to remember is how frequently you are smoking the joint. It can be difficult to estimate the EXACT amount of milligrams of THC present in a joint, as you can lose up to 40-50% of THC in between inhales. With that said, as your joint gets smaller, THC will become condensed towards the end, so your second half of the joint would test higher milligrams of THC present than the first half.

Unfortunately, there is not a definitive answer to calculate your exact tolerance level of edibles when compared to joints. Please keep in mind that your tolerance of smoking cannabis may not be parallel to your tolerance for consuming cannabis-infused edibles. However, when it comes to marijuana edibles, I would suggest starting with a very low dose, perhaps 2 or 5 milligrams and slowly increase after 1-2 hours. You will need to wait for some time to experience psychoactive effects as THC is processed through the liver before it enters your bloodstream.

I hope this information helps! :-)

Veronica B