Top 10 Marijuana Strains to Help Ease Migraines

byMarcus Clarke6 minutes

We all know how annoying headaches are. But it's an entirely different story when we're talking about migraines. Not only do they cause sometimes insurmountable head pain, but they can also cause nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and light sensitivity—not to mention the anxiety that strikes when you feel one coming on.

Frustrated migraine sufferers have started to turn to nature to do the healing when pharmaceuticals don’t always cut it; they’re finding that cannabis can relieve the bothersome symptoms of migraines. And for some people, marijuana can even prevent migraines from developing in the first place.

Studies Show Cannabis Helps Ease Migraine

A study published by the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado stated that 40% of its 121 participants showed positive effects when treated with cannabis, as the number of monthly migraine attacks decreased from 10.4 to 4.6.

One of the biggest reasons behind this is that cannabis gives its consumers short-term health benefits that help an individual relax, sleep, improve appetite and also alleviate pain. Cannabis was also confirmed to help mask the sensations felt during a migraine.

While taking marijuana may not permanently remove migraines from the equation, it’s been confirmed time and time again that cannabis is effective in relieving migraine pain without the risk of adverse side effects that some pharmaceutical migraine drugs carry, like dizziness, nausea and dependence.

Interested in taking cannabis to help treat migraines, but don’t know where to start? Here are our top 10 cannabis strain recommendations, which can help alleviate migraine pain.


1. Harlequin Imparts a Soothing, Mellow High

Harlequin is one of the most popular marijuana strains when it comes to relieving migraines. It's a 75% sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that features a 5:2 ratio of cannabidiol (CBD) to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This is what you need if you want to clear your head and improve alertness. What's great about Harlequin is that it has both THC and CBD, which makes it an effective pain reliever without imparting an intense high.

2. Remedy Offers CBD-Rich Migraine Relief

Remedy got its name for a reason: It really does provide a remedy to migraine patients. This has CBD levels of around 15% and contains very little THC.

Remedy is best known for giving consumers a mellow and relaxing feeling without a head high. Because it’s rich in CBD, it will impart all of the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties too—which is just what you need to combat migraines.

3. Purple Kush Can Help Migraine Sufferers Get Much-Needed Sleep

What migraine sufferers usually try to do is sleep the pain away. But how can you sleep if the pain is too much to handle? Well, Purple Kush is a great solution for inducing a numbing sensation, which eventually puts you to sleep.

Purple Kush typically contains 0.1% CBD and 17% THC, though this may vary slightly from grower to grower. The pain you’re feeling dissipates as soon as you experience the head high, which consumers report is long-lasting compared to other cannabis strains. Take Purple Kush before going to bed for best results.

4. Choose ACDC for Migraine Relief Without a Head High

If you want to consume cannabis to get rid of your migraine but don’t want psychoactive effects, then what you need is ACDC. This is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1, so contains very little psychoactive THC—perfect if you’re a migraine sufferer who doesn’t want to experience a head high.

CBD levels can even reach a maximum of 19%, making this a very effective migraine pain reliever. ACDC also does a great job when it comes to fighting depression and anxiety, which can often accompany migraines.

5. White Widow Boosts Your Mood & Relieves Muscle Tension

White Widow is a cannabis strain originating from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. What makes this marijuana strain different is that it doesn’t calm you down like a classic indica strain does. Instead, it makes you feel happy and uplifted, just what many need to deal with a migraine.

Besides uplifting mood and squashing anxiety, White Widow also eases muscle tension, which helps calm a simmering migraine.

6. Stephen Hawking Kush Imparts Balanced Migraine Relief

Stephen Hawking Kush is named after the world-famous scientist. It’s proven to be effective in dealing with migraines in a balanced way, thanks to its 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. The ratio also energizes a migraine sufferer with a nice, mellow high. Consumers report that the strain removes any sensations of pain for extended amounts of time, sometimes even throughout the day.

7. OG Kush Is a High-THC Option for Migraine Sufferers

OG Kush is another popular cannabis strain that’s used to deal with migraine thanks to its strong sedative effects. This is a hybrid marijuana strain that typically has 20% THC, so folks not used to too much THC should proceed with caution.

Still, the THC can help relax you, uplift your mood and carry your mind away from a migraine.

8. God’s Gift Helps Ease Pain & Boost Mood

If you've got a migraine and you just want to chill the pain away, then what you need is God's Gift. This strain contains 20% THC, which is just what you need to calm your senses and boost your appetite, which is sometimes impossible in the middle of a migraine.

Some say God’s Gift has the best of a heavy-hitting indica, but with the euphoric high of a sativa. Still, the THC content will numb the body, exactly what you need when a migraine starts to take over.

9. Blue Dream Is a Well-Rounded, Balanced Marijuana Strain

Blue Dream is another popular cannabis strain for dealing with physical pain. This is a hyrid marijuana strain that soothes the body and uplifts the mind.

And don’t worry about getting drowsy or too high after taking Blue Dream. Instead, expect to experience strong psychoactive effects, but in a way that will still allow you to socialize if you feel up to it.

10. AK-47 Helps Migraine Sufferers Feel Hungry Again

The cannabis strain AK-47 won't just remove your migraine pain, it will also give you a euphoric psychedelic effect. It's a fast-acting cannabis strain with many delicious pungent flavours. AK-47 can help your body cope with the pain of a migraine and relax stressed muscles at the same time.

This strain is also famous for bringing on the munchies. So if a migraine has you shying away from food, AK-47 can get you back to eating, helping you regain your strength and feel more like you again.

Knowing the best cannabis strains for treating migraines is important so you consume strains that will help ease your symptoms, not make them worse. And because everyone is different, finding the strain that helps combat your migraine may take some trial and error. But a little experimentation is definitely worth it.