How CBD Can Soothe Dry, Winter Skin

byMarcus Clarke4 minutes

As we head in to winter, you may already be seeing signs of dry skin on your hands or face. In the winter, many of us notice flaky, cracked and irritated skin. It can be enough to make you self-conscious during holiday party season.

But something you can use to help soothe and moisturize your skin is cannabidiol (CBD). One study found that CBD helps regulate our skin’s oil production. Too much oil leads to acne, while too little oil can lead not only to dry skin, but to conditions like eczema.

But many use CBD as a means to combat inflammation and help reduce skin discomfort and pain. And not only does CBD soothe dry skin, but it can also help alleviate associated pain.

But what’s the best way to take CBD for dry skin?

Benefits of Using CBD for Skin Health

CBD has grown in popularity due to its many medical properties, such as its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Generally speaking, CBD gives the body much-needed medical benefits that help regenerate dead skin skills, as well as moisturizing and revitalizing skin.

This is especially important during the winter months as skin becomes prone to having a flaky, dry and rough texture. Also, CBD is a natural antifungal source, which means that it can help keep your skin free from infections, too.

CBD Covers All Skin Types

Some moisturizers only work on particular skin types, whereas CBD can be applied to all kinds of skin. It doesn't matter if your skin is naturally dry, flaky or oily, or if you battle acne. CBD is all natural. For most people, CBD doesn’t produce any allergic reactions or breakouts. The only thing to consider is other ingredients in topical CBD that may cause irritations or breakouts.

Reasons to Use CBD for Dry Winter Skin

  • CBD is a source of vitamins: CBD contains Vitamins A, D, E and C. Your skin needs all of these to maintain a firm texture. Aside from that, these vitamins will also help improve your skin’s regenerative properties, making it healthier and less prone to flaking.
  • CBD can lower your number of acne breakouts: Applying CBD oil regularly provides your skin with healthy fatty acids. People with acne lack fatty acids, which is why ensuring that you have lots of them lower the chances of acne outbreaks. Fatty acids are also known to strengthen and protect the outer layer of your skin.
  • Healthy skin makes you look younger: According to a study, cannabinoid receptors found in the brain improve the natural ability of our body to regenerate new skin cells. This happens though, once they interact with CBD. What this means is that you can boost your body’s regenerative properties to look younger and healthier.
  • CBD moisturizes your skin: CBD contains omega-3 fatty acids. These are the ones responsible for moisturizing your skin. So, CBD can act as a natural moisturizer to relieve dry skin. This is very helpful during the winter months when your skin is likely to dry up due to the cold weather. CBD can, however, prevent this from happening thanks to its moisturizing properties.

Ways to Use CBD to Achieve Healthier Skin

CBD Topical Oils, Balms & Creams

Using topical CBD is the best method if you’re experiencing certain types of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Simply apply a CBD oil on the affected area and allow it to absorb into the skin. This is ideal if you’re always on the go as applying it on your skin will just take a few seconds.

If you’d like a thicker and more moisturizing CBD topical, you can add CBD oil to your favourite lotion, balm or cream to make your own DIY topical.


Ingested CBD Oil

You can also ingest CBD oil by placing a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue a few times a day. This method will boost your internal CBD levels to boost your skin health from the inside out. Just be aware that you won’t see it improve dry, flaky skin right away.

If you feel your skin is having a rough time this winter, you could use cannabis oil topically and orally to help your skin from both directions.

Skin is the largest external organ that we have, so it’s important to take good care of it. It absorbs most anything, which means that all of the products you use on it such as soaps, lotions, creams and more all soak into your pores. This can lead to acne, clogged pores and skin irritation.

CBD is all-natural, which means that you’re less likely to have any allergic reactions when using it.. Take note: Winter is here and we need to prepare ourselves for it in the best way possible.

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