Care By Design Study Reveals CBD Provides Superior Relief for Migraines

byPerry Solomon, MD1 minutes

Care by Design, a premier manufacturer of high cannabidiol (CBD) products, is a well-known, trusted brand within the California cannabis industry. Their customer base is often new to cannabis and many are seeking medicinal benefits for a variety of conditions. Care By Design conducted a study with over 2,500 people from their customer base, to better understand why they use the products and the overall benefits received.

The results not only demonstrate that cannabis works for many medical conditions, but it confirms a previous study published in 2014 by Ryan-Ibarra, et al. Both of these studies show that that most common indication for medical cannabis use, about 31%, is for chronic pain and arthritis. Not surprisingly, 72–92% of patients using cannabis for these conditions found that it significantly decreased pain symptoms.

According to the research, 4–8% of the patient base suffers from migraines. Migraine pain significantly decreased in almost 100% of people taking the CBD-rich cannabis concentrates. This finding is particularly remarkable as most prescription medication does not perform nearly as well and most includes impactful side effects. Most participants indicated that their overall sense of wellbeing increased by about 88% after using the CBD-rich products. Participants suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) also indicated a much better sense of wellbeing after using the products with CBD-dominant cannabis medicine.

Patients with chronic diseases get “worn down” and often have feelings of lethargy. Care by Design found that almost 40% of these patients had an increased energy level after using CBD-rich cannabis. This increase in energy levels was also seen in almost 60% in patients with inflammation, fibromyalgia and PTSD.