The offspring of well-known cannabis strains Jack Herer and G13, XJ13 is a Sativa-leaning hybrid known for inspiring creativity, while also offering a pleasant and euphoric experience.

Sporting the same name as a 1966 British prototype race car, XJ13 was first cultivated in the U.S., trying to create, many believe, a sweet, citrus flavor that G13 didn’t have. The strain has a pungent smell and strong earthy flavors.

Despite its potency, XJ13 is a good strain for new cannabis users, stimulating the mind, promoting sociability, and uplifting mood. It can also energize people and is good for use day or night.

Medical marijuana users may discover that XJ13 can help address anxiety, stress, depression, and ADD/ADHD. Although the full-body effects of XJ13 are subtle, it has helped some users find relief from muscle spasms, pain, and fatigue.


Limonene Alpha-Humulene Beta-Caryophyllene

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