White Widow


Originally from the Netherlands, this popular Dutch classic is a potent mix of sativa coming from Brazil and an indica originating from south India. White Widow’s buds boast a lovely, frosty look, complementing its sweet, mellow flavor.

The sativa-dominant hybrid is potent, with heady effects that are almost psychedelic. However, the majority of users experience an energizing buzz that gives them a clear boost for relaxing in front of TV, reading a book or taking a walk around the neighborhood. The indica roots round out its effects with a pleasant body buzz.

Medical cannabis patients with anxiety and PTSD might find some help in White Widow’s calming mental and physical effects. With its mental and physical boost, the strain is also taken by people suffering from depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.


  • Pinene
  • Carene
  • Camphene
  • Ocimene

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