Trainwreck is a quick-acting, Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with powerful mental and physical qualities that are embraced by both medical and recreational cannabis users.

While no one knows for sure how Trainwreck got its name, one tale has it that two brothers were forced to relocate their marijuana crops when a train wrecked their grow site in the 1970s. Others believe the name pays homage to the strain’s knockout punch.

Believed to combine three cannabis strains from Thailand, Mexico, and Afghanistan, Trainwreck carries the best parts of each, with powerful euphoric and body-melting effects. (Beginners should use it with caution.) The strain can produce cerebral clarity and focus; its Afghani roots also show in its sedative qualities, helping users to relax deeply day or night.

Medical cannabis patients use Trainwreck’s powerful physical and mental effects for different health conditions, including mood disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and ADD/ADHD. Its body-numbing characteristics make it a wise selection for pain relief from joint stiffness or muscle tension.


Limonene Linalool Camphene

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