The White


The powerful hybrid strain boasts high levels of THC and a thick silvery coat of trichomes. Although its exact origins are unknown, The White is said to have come from the Florida cities of Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa, and may have originally been called Triangle.

The White can have some earthy, floral qualities, but overall its aroma and taste are pretty low-key. As a hybrid strain, it offers well-balanced body and cerebral effects. With THC in the 20th percentile, The White is generally not recommended for cannabis newcomers. Experienced ones will enjoy its mind and physical qualities while relaxing at end of the day or puttering on the weekend.,

Medical marijuana users might like The White’s soothing physical effects and mood-boosting qualities, helping to cope with pain, stress, and ADD/ADHD.


Limonene Beta-Myrcene Linalool

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