Super Lemon Haze


Its powerful cerebral effects may make Super Lemon Haze inappropriate for all cannabis consumers, but its lovely lemon scent and tart flavor, produced by a high terpene count, give it wide appeal.

The award-winning offspring of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, first cultivated by Green House Seeds in Amsterdam, has elongated and sticky buds. Often likened to candy and coffee, Super Lemon Haze has energizing effects, boosting mood and creativity.

The strain usually begins with a mellow body buzz that turns into an invigorating, concentrated high good for tackling complex activities, requiring attention to detail and motivation. Super Lemon Haze can also stimulate appetite, and may even act as an aphrodisiac with its stimulating body effects.

With its potency, the Sativa-dominant hybrid isn’t recommended for new users or those prone to cannabis-induced anxiety.

Medical cannabis patients turn to the mood-boosting qualities of Super Lemon Haze for depression and chronic fatigue. Its relaxing physical effects, felt first in the eyes and face, may make it a good choice for fast migraine or sinus-pressure relief.


Terpinolene Myrcene Ocimene

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