Strawberry Cough


A strawberry aroma and pleasant high make this cannabis strain popular, with its cerebral effects, sparking creativity. The origins of Strawberry Cough are a mystery. Its lineage may include Haze and Strawberry Field. It is prized by users looking for a pleasant, relaxing high that also lets them get things done.

Besides its strawberry taste and aroma, Strawberry Cough is named for the cough and tingly sensation produced when it is smoked. (But users feel that a bit of coughing is a small price to pay for receiving its benefits.) Medical cannabis patients use this Sativa-leaning hybrid during the day to help with conditions such as anxiety, ADD, and mood disorders. Since the strain doesn’t have a significant body high, people looking for pain relief should investigate other options.


Pinene Trans-Nerolidol Linalool

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