Strawberry Banana


Cultivated to produce a lot of trichomes, Strawberry Banana is a sweet cannabis strain often used to make concentrates and hash. Created by DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds, it is a cross of Banana Kush and a phenotype of Bubblegum, which has a strawberry smell.

Not surprisingly, Strawberry Banana has an aroma of strawberries and bananas, with earthy undertones, and a fruity flavor. This hybrid leans to the Indica side, offering calming, mood-boosting effects. Daytime use should be reserved for experienced users, but new users should save it for lazy evenings or weekends.

Strawberry Banana’s relaxing, mood-elevating traits are a good choice for medical cannabis users looking for relief from stress, anxiety or depression, or help to fall to sleep if they have insomnia.


Linalool Pinene Valencene

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