Sativa|High CBD

Sour Tsunami


Sour Tsunami is a cannabis strain with high levels of CBD, used to help with seizures, pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

In California, Southern Humboldt Seed Collective’s Lawrence Ringo first bred Sour Tsunami to help him wean off opioids, which he used for severe back pain. The strain’s fuel-soaked lineage includes the Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel and Ferrari strains. It also offers notes of citrus, chocolate, and earth.

With a ratio of nearly one part CBD to one part THC—and few psychoactive effects—Sour Tsunami is a good choice for medical cannabis patients. It may be used to help with seizures, anxiety, muscle spasms, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. With its high CBD content, the strain is often used in concentrates.


Myrcene Pinene Terpinolene

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