Sensi Star


A popular strain in Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Sensi Star provides potent euphoric and physical effects, helping with pain relief and sleep issues.

Cultivated by Dutch company Paradise Seeds, Sensi Star boasts multiple awards and status as one of the most potent cannabis strains around. While Sensi Star’s true origins are unknown, it’s thought to be the offspring of Afghani and to also contain some Sativa genetics.

Sensi Star features a sweet, pungent, earthy aroma smell and flavor. This potent “one-hit-and-quit” strain is also a good choice for users with a high tolerance. The Indica-dominant hybrid imparts strong physical high and subtle cerebral effects. It relaxes and transports both body and mind.

Medical marijuana users turn to Sensi Star to alleviate pain and tension, as well as to address insomnia issues.


Guaiol Limonene Myrcene Nerolidol Trans-Caryophyllene

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