Red Congolese


The descendant of pure landrace strains from Africa, Mexico, and Afghanistan, Red Congolese offers pure Sativa effects, with a strong cerebral and energy boost, helping users to get things done.

The strain usually boasts a sweet, earthy aroma with a bit of spice thrown in. Red Congolese’s flowers have red and orange hues. Its potent mental effects include clear-headed euphoria and increased concentration, making it a good tool for doing tasks and working out.

Red Congolese’s focus-enhancing trait is appreciated by medical marijuana users coping with ADD or ADHD. Its cerebral effects are also a good choice for people coping with depression and chronic fatigue. Its light body high may, as well, alleviate pain.


Alpha-Pinene Beta-Caryophyllene Beta-Myrcene Linalool

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