Pineapple Express


The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is known for its uplifting mental qualities and enchanting physical effects, helping to boost mood and address social anxiety and depression issues. Pineapple Express shares a name with the 2008 stoner film and inherits the pronounced pineapple aroma of the Hawaiian cannabis strain, as well as the euphoria produced by Trainwreck.

The strain’s strong mental stimulation and gentle body buzz are both manageable and uplifting. Its well-balanced profile makes it a great tool for artists, sparking the creativity and energy needed to turn inspiration into finished work. New cannabis users should note, however, that while Pineapple Express generally lends itself to daytime use, it can cause drowsiness as its effects subside.

Many medical marijuana users turn to this strain to help with depression, social anxiety, mood disorders, chronic fatigue and eating troubles.


Linalool Humulene Ocimene

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