Northern Lights


Northern Lights is the quintessential Indica strain, with relaxing but mood-boosting effects.

Considered one of the most popular cannabis strains around, it is a combination of two landrace strains: Afghani (Indica) and Thai (Sativa). Widely available in the West Coast of the United States and Colorado, Northern Light has given rise to a number of related strains, including Northern Lights #1 and #5.

Its buds are medium to large and dense, often with purple hues when grown in a cold climate. Northern Lights boasts a familiar earthy, pine aroma, with a flavor profile that includes sweet notes and hints of lemon.

The strain features powerful effects, beginning with a full body buzz that can leave you couch-bound, followed by a cerebral boost that melts stress away. Northern Lights is often preferred for nighttime use, to unwind after a long day.

Medical cannabis patients look to Northern Lights for help with pain relief or stimulating the appetite. Its uplifting characteristics may work for those coping with depression, stress, and other mood disorders.


Myrcene Beta-Caryophyllene Pinene

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