Moby Dick


A potent, high-THC strain, Moby Dick may be too big a fish for beginners. However, more experienced users may enjoy its powerful, euphoric effects and mellow body sensations.

Cultivated by Dinafem Seeds in Amsterdam, Moby Dick is popular in Canada and Europe. Combining Haze and White Widow, the Sativa-leaning hybrid is known for its high crop yields and a plethora of trichomes, making it ideal for making concentrates. Its aroma is sweet, pungent, and citrusy with an earthy taste. Moby Dick’s buds are dense and elongated, with dark orange hairs and a sugary coating of trichomes.

The strain’s whale of a cerebral experience is rounded out by somewhat more mild physical effects. In social settings, the strain’s mood boost can spark lively conversations. It can also give you the energy to do daytime tasks, though, beware, as it wears off you may want a nap.

Medical cannabis patients often use Moby Dick’s euphoric qualities to try to relieve depression or stress. It can also serve to address mild to medium pain.


Terpinolene Beta-Myrcene Beta-Caryophyllene Limonene Beta-Pinene Trans-Nerolidol

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