Sativa|High CBD



The mild-mannered Sativa offers an even balance of THC and CBD (sometimes tipping more to the CBD side) content, making it a good choice for daytime use. First cultivated by CBD Crew, Medihaze is the descendant of Super Silver Haze, Haze and an unknown strain with high CBD content.

Medihaze has a distinctive pine, earth, and mint aroma, and a taste that includes touches of sourness, pepper, and pine. Its buds are usually light green and fluffy, which is par for the course with high-CBD cannabis strains.

Medihaze may be a good choice for consumers hesitant to use strong Sativa with high THC levels. But it does provide an energy boost that’s good for daytime use, with only minimal psychoactive effects.

Medihaze’s high CBD levels make it a go-to strain for medical cannabis users looking for help coping with pain, stress, and depression.


Beta-Myrcene Alpha-Pinene Beta-Caryophyllene:

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