Larry OG


If you like OG Kush strains, then citrusy Larry OG is definitely worth a try, with a mellow high that’s good for daytime use.

Bred in California’s Orange County by Cali Connection, the strain is a combination of OG Kush and SFV OG. Larry OG has a piney, citrusy smell and taste, explaining the strain’s alternate name: Lemon Larry. It usually has tiny, dense flowers with dark orange hairs.

With milder effects than most other OG Kush family strains, Larry OG imparts easygoing, pleasant cerebral effects and a mild physical buzz. Many people can use the strain during the day, allowing them to do what they need to do in a relaxed fashion.

Because Larry OG can deliver pain relief without debilitation, it’s a prized choice among medical cannabis users. It’s also said to help stimulate appetite, and relieve stress and anxiety.


Linalool Caryophyllene Pinene Carene Camphene Valencene

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