Kosher Kush


With its pronounced body effects and cerebral boost, Kosher Kush is used by medical cannabis patients to help with insomnia and pain. Its potent THC content can go as high as 29%. New users should approach with caution. Experienced ones will enjoy its euphoria and physical buzz.

Stories vary on how the Indica strain got its name. Some say that it was the first commercial cannabis strain to be blessed by a rabbi. Others claim that DNA Genetics acquired a clone from Jewish breeders and used it to develop Kosher Kush, with its pungent, herbal smell and spicy flavor evident while inhaling.

Kosher Kush’s potent physical effects are reputed to help with insomnia and severe pain. Its mood-boosting qualities can be a good choice for medical cannabis users looking for relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. It also works well to stimulate the appetite.


Myrcene Limonene Caryophyllene Linalool Humulene Pinene

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