This hybrid strain is prized for its powerful and relaxing body effects that can lead to deep, satisfying sleep and have various medical cannabis uses. A combination of the Hash Plant and Cheese strains, it gets its name from the Austrian slang word for marijuana.

Ingrid has a unique pungent, skunky, and cheese-like smell, with a taste that is hashy and includes hints of berry and fruitiness. Its buds are dense and bright green, with dark orange or brown hairs. The strain is great when you want to calm your thoughts for a solid night’s sleep. It can also have strong psychoactive effects if you manage to stay awake.

Medical cannabis users consume Ingrid to address different kinds of pain, including neuropathic pain, headaches, and muscle spasms. Because the strain is very sedating, it may also help with stress and anxiety-related insomnia.


Myrcene Limonene Linalool Plant

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