This powerful Indica-leaning hybrid strain can relax you, boost your happiness quotient and, possibly, leave you a little spacey. Its heady effects may also help those suffering from migraines and other kinds of headaches.

Combining Sour Diesel with OG Kush, the strain often causes a strange but pleasant pressure in your temples—as if you were wearing a headband.

Headband’s high THC levels produce a potent but comfortable high affecting both body and mind. You’re best not to engage in tasks requiring critical thinking when under its influence. Users report that its effects may take hold slowly—sometimes taking up to 20 minutes to kick in—so patience is a virtue here.

The strain’s headband effects may come from blood vessels dilating in the temples, which could account for its popularity with migraine sufferers. And those experiencing mild to moderate pain might find Headband a good choice.


Terpinolene Ocimene Myrcene Limonene

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