Golden Goat


Golden Goat’s upbeat, energizing nature makes it a good choice when socializing. The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain also has gentle physical effects, prized by medical marijuana patients who want low-key pain relief.

Said to originate in Topeka, Kansas, Golden Goat is the offspring of Hawaiian, Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk. Buds from this cannabis strain possess a golden hue and can at times have a pungent smell, within hints of spicy and earthy aromas.

Golden Goat imparts a potent mood and energy boost and is so best used during the day or on social occasions. It yields clear-headed, focused high, and relaxed body sensations.

The strain’s uplifting qualities are good for medical cannabis patients who want relief from mood disorders or suffer from chronic fatigue. Its physical effects can also be beneficial for those experiencing mild pain.


Caryophyllene Guaiol Humulene Myrcene Terpineol

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