Ghost Train Haze


This potent strain is prized by experienced cannabis users. Taken in the right amount, it can create a pleasant, soaring high that allows them to do tasks and be social.

Cultivated by Rare Dankness in Colorado, Ghost Train Haze is a combination of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. While the Cannabis Cup award winner features strong Sativa effects, its buds have a thick blanketing of trichomes—a nod to its Indica heritage. (Ghost OG is a variety of the well-known Indica hybrid OG Kush.

Voted one of the most potent marijuana strains on earth by High Times magazine, this is not a good choice for new users or anyone with a low THC tolerance. In small, measured doses, Ghost Train Haze boosts mood and energy and can be used to better enjoy social occasions.

This cannabis strain acts fast, with a tingle that starts behind the sinus cavities and spreads to the entire body. It can help medical marijuana patients who seek relief from headaches or the discomfort of glaucoma. Ghost Train Haze’s Indica characteristics also impart a full-body buzz, perhaps working to ease pain or muscle spasms.


Alpha-Pinene Geranio Myrcene Terpineol

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