With tranquil cerebral effects and pleasant body buzz, Gelato is a good choice for those looking for a relaxed evening, as well as medical cannabis users who want relief from pain or mood disorders.

Gelato is a combination of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies, two cannabis strains from the popular Cookies lineage. While there are many different types of Gelato available, the most popular is Gelato #33 (aka Larry Bird), which was also voted one of the top 10 cannabis strains of the year by High Times magazine.

With Gelato, you get citrus, a floral aroma, and a sweet, fruity taste. Its buds are small but dense, and the strain can have a pungent smell when smoked. It is a hybrid, with effects that lean to Indica, and it boasts a high THC content, so new users should proceed with care.

Gelato can boost mood but often with a clear-headed high that’s an aid to creativity. It imparts enjoyable body sensations, but won’t leave you couch-locked.

Gelato’s body high buzz makes it a good choice for medical cannabis users looking for relief from chronic pain and muscle spasms. And its gentle, uplifting mental effects may help those coping with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


Caryophyllene Limonene Humulene

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