Dutch Treat


The hybrid strain is often found in Amsterdam coffee shops, prized for its pleasant, euphoric high and soft body effects.

While the true lineage of Dutch Treat (also known as Dutch Crunch) is unknown, some claim that it was born in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, spreading from there across the globe. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a pungent, earthy smell and sweet flavor.

Dutch Treat is good for relaxed occasions day or night when you’ve got the leisure to experience its euphoric and nice body effects. This strain is sedating without being overwhelming.

Medical marijuana users turn to Dutch Treat for mood boosts, which might help with conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Its tingly body buzz can also make it a good choice for dealing with pain from arthritis and migraines.


Caryophyllene Carene Valencene Ocimene Phellandrene

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