Durban Poison


This all-sativa cannabis strain boasts a clear-headed high that enables you to focus well on anything you need to do in your day.

Known as the “espresso of cannabis strains,” Durban Poison can serve to smooth a user’s social anxieties or make an ordinary task, such as washing dishes, more fun. Taking its name from the South African port city of Durban, the strain was brought to North America in the 1970s by Ed Rosenthal.

As a “landrace strain,” Durban Poison still carries the genetic imprint of cannabis plants indigenous to South Africa, despite its wide adoption over here. While many marijuana strains available in Canada today are hybrids (such as Blue Dream, this strain holds onto its pure sativa pedigree.

Durban Poison contains high levels of a cannabinoid called THCV, contributing to the strong euphoria it produces. Its sativa heritage is evident in the lack of body effects, helping to keep mental focus during creative and social endeavors.

With boost it gives mind, mood and energy level, Durban Poison may be beneficial to people with attention deficit disorder (ADD), or suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Anecdotal reports of its ability to relieve head pressure may mean it can play a role helping people suffering from migraine or sinus headache pain.

Effects of Durban Poison when smoked can last up to three hours. A few users report that the concentrated mental effects of the strain may cause some paranoia, and could increase the heartbeat of people prone to such issues.


  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Camphene
  • Valencene

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