Blackberry Kush


The sweet-smelling Indica strain is known for its physical and mental soothing properties, sporting gorgeous buds reminiscent of blackberries.

Although Blueberry Kush’s origins are unknown, many believe that it is descended from the Afghani and Blackberry strains. It is potent like its supposed parents, with THC levels typically up to 20%.

True to its Indica heritage, Blackberry Kush promotes euphoria and full-body relaxation. The quick-acting, body-melting effects can, at the same time, ease the mind and boost mood.

While the strain is a good choice to relieve stress, it’s best used at the end of the day. The potent physical effects often lead to restful sleep, making it useful for people suffering from insomnia. Medical cannabis users might want to consider Blueberry Kush to help with chronic pain and inflammation. Its mood-boosting qualities can also help users cope with stress, depression, and anxiety.


Alpha-Pinene Beta-Myrcene Beta-Caryophyllene Alpha-Humulene Linalool

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