Big Bud


Known for its big, dense trichome-covered flowers, Big Bud is a classic Indica strain with powerful effects, used by medical cannabis patients for pain, insomnia, and depression.

First cultivated in the United States, Big Bud was smuggled to Europe in the 1980s during the War on Drugs, where it was further refined by Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands. It was the proud winner of the second High Times Cannabis Cup, in 1989.

Big Bud has an earthy, skunky smell with touches of pine. Combining the genetics of Afghani, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights, it has, for its part, served as the basis for other well-known strains, such as Granddaddy Purple.

Big Bud combines potent euphoric qualities with a body-melting buzz, making it best used at night or during other downtimes. New users should be careful consuming the strain, and more experienced ones will probably be satisfied with only one hit or two.

Big Bud’s Indica effects are good for medical cannabis users looking to deal with mild to severe pain. Its sedating and mood-boosting qualities may also help with insomnia, depression, and anxiety.


Linalool Bisabolol Camphene Geraniol

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