Hybrid|High CBD



An Indica-dominant hybrid strain with high levels of CBD and close to no THC, Avidekel is popular among medical cannabis users who want health benefits without getting high.

The strain is a product of intensive research conducted in Israel by Tikun Olam, which is Hebrew for “repair the world. The world-class medical center’s goal is to develop high-CBD marijuana strains that provide people with safe, reliable treatments, proven to work for specific health conditions.

Avidekel’s flowers are green with a golden touch, and light-colored trichomes. Its aroma is mild and nutty, and its flavor is earthy and refreshing. The strain boasts up to 18% CBD and less than 1% of THC, and provides complete body relaxation, leaving users happy and rejuvenated.

Often used to treat seizures, migraines, and symptoms of autoimmune disease, Avidekel can, as well, relieve inflammatory pain and swelling.


Beta-Myrcene Alpha-Pinene Limonene Beta-Pinene

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