Amnesia Haze


This memorable strain with the forgettable name will give you a boost of energy, helping you to do ordinary tasks or go for a workout. Amnesia Haze is a popular type of cannabis, found often in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.

It traces its origins to Haze and different landrace cannabis strains from Jamaica, South Asia, Hawaii, Afghanistan, and Cambodia. It boasts citrus, lemony smell with earthy undertones. Because it has a long flowering time and needs careful care while growing, Amnesia Haze can be a hard strain to find in North America.

Its uplifting Sativa effects are rounded out nicely by Indica ones that might come by way of its Afghani genetics. The combination makes it good for activities that require both cerebral and physical exertion, such as negotiating a difficult route on a long bike trip.

Amnesia Haze can be a good choice for daytime activities and social occasions. Larger doses, though, might make the mind jump from thought to thought. Medical marijuana users sometimes turn to this strain to help alleviate stress or fatigue.


Myrcene Beta-Caryophyllene Limonene Humulene

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