Agent Orange


Named after the deadly herbicide used in the Vietnam War, Agent Orange is much friendlier than its name suggests. The Sativa-leaning hybrid helps alleviate health issues, rather than cause them. Think more strong citrus notes that cover the typical cannabis aroma, and energy-boosting, euphoric effects.

There are actually two kinds of Agent Orange, each bred to have a strong orange smell and taste. The first hybrid is a combination of Orange Skunk, Jack’s Cleaner, and Space Queen. The other is a cross of Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. The strain’s flowers are dense and deep green, turning purple under certain growing conditions, and they have neon-orange pistils.

Good for daytime use, Agent Orange provides a mind and energy boost, while relaxing the user at the same time. The strain is often used by medical cannabis patients looking to alleviate mood issues such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and stress. It can also help with minor pains and migraines.


Myrcene Alpha-Pinene Terpinolene

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