One of the oldest kinds of cannabis in existence, this landrace strain is the venerable ancestor of many modern-day marijuana strains. Its classic Indica profile means that Afghani is ideal when you want to relax at the end of a hectic day, with its potent mind and body effects.

It originated long ago from the Hindu Kush mountain range along the Afghan-Pakistan border and is the forebearer of popular strains such as Northern Lights, Blueberry and LA Confidential. Its buds are medium to large, dense, and covered in trichomes, making Afghani a good source for hash production. It has an earthy, pine aroma and a sweet, yet spicy flavor that is characteristic of Indica.

Soothing body- and mind-numbing effects mean that it is best consumed someplace familiar, such as home, where your thoughts can roam freely.

Because Afghani is sedating, with powerful physical sensations, medical marijuana patients with insomnia may turn to this strain for relief. It can also act as a powerful appetite stimulant, and the euphoria it sparks can help those coping with depression and other mood disorders.


Myrcene Caryophyllene Limonene

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