Want to Replace Alcohol with Cannabis? Try Ripple by TGOD.

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From boosting the mood at a party to easing stress after a busy workweek, people everywhere turn to alcoholic beverages to relax, forget their troubles, and celebrate milestones of all kinds. Recent statistics reveal that nearly two-thirds of adult Canadians had at least one drink in the past month – and about twenty percent could be classified as heavy drinkers, consuming more than one drink a day or binge-drinking on a regular basis.

For many, alcohol is simply a part of social life, but it's not necessarily good for your health. Evidence is mounting that cannabis can provide the relaxation and mood-lifting effects of drinking without alcohol's toxic side effects. A flood of new cannabis-infused products are making it easy to replace alcohol with cannabis. The most innovative of these alternatives is Ripple, a dissolvable cannabis powder that adds your favorite cannabis compounds to any beverage or food.

Ripple by TGOD can be added to drinks or food
Ripple dissolvable powders can be added to food or drink.

Why Make the Switch to Cannabis?

Alcohol is a catchall term for the many beverages that contain ethyl alcohol, or ethanol – a chemical that's formed when yeast breaks down the natural sugars in foods like grapes (used to make wine), malted barley (for making beer), or potatoes (traditionally used to make vodka).

Ethanol is responsible for the relaxation and the release from inhibitions that comes from drinking alcoholic beverages. It boosts the effects of calming brain "chemicals," or neurotransmitters, like GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) and serotonin. At the same time, it inhibits stimulating neurotransmitters such as adenosine and glutamine. But it also disrupts the chemical messaging that regulates mood, cognition and motor skills, which is why drinking can cause people to stagger, slur words, or have trouble driving.

Ethanol is a toxin, often used in products such as solvents, varnishes, and nail polish removers. That's why its effects on the human body can be so disruptive.

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Alcohol is toxic to the human body.

In large amounts, ethanol can interfere with memory and cognition, causing blackouts or damaging liver, pancreas, and cardiovascular system cells. Over time, ethanol can also contribute to diabetes, heart conditions, and numerous other health problems and even cause death.

Like ethanol, cannabis affects areas in the brain responsible for mood, cognition, and a variety of other functions, but the body doesn't treat cannabis compounds like THC and CBD as foreign, toxic substances because they're so similar to natural cannabinoid substances produced by the body.

The chemicals in cannabis activate receptors in the endocannabinoid system, a large network of cells that also respond to cannabinoid compounds in cannabis. This accounts for the many effects cannabis can have, ranging from a relaxing, euphoric high to relief from pain, nausea, and other problems. Because cannabis is "recognized" by the body's systems, it's far less likely to produce serious, lasting effects – and overuse isn't fatal.

Ripple is the perfect addition to non-alcoholic drinks.
Ripple is a perfect addition to non-alcoholic drinks.

Cannabis and Beverages: The Best of Both Worlds?

As barriers to cannabis use continue to fall across the globe, new ways to use the cannabis plant continue to emerge, including beverages. Cannabis beverages offer a healthier alternative to both alcohol and riskier ways of consuming cannabis, such as smoking.

A new product is changing how cannabis can be combined with food and beverages of all kinds. The answer? A tasteless, dissolvable powder called Ripple, from the leading cannabis company The Green Organic Dutchman.

Ripple: The Cannabis Additive for Everything

Canadian cannabis grower The Green Organic Dutchman is a global leader in producing premium, organically grown cannabis and creating innovative new products. Ripple is one of TGOD's most unique offerings – a flavourless, odorless cannabis powder that dissolves in seconds in any substance. Ripple has 4.5 times the absorption of cannabis oil, and its effects can be felt in about 15 minutes – much faster than the average cannabis edible or beverage.

Infused mocktails by Ripple
Infused mocktail recipes by Ripple

Ripple is available in a high THC or CBD formulation, and there's also a balanced version containing equal proportions of THC and CBD. TGOD sells Ripple in two and four packs and "quick sticks" for a fast infusion on the go. The company also has a line of Ripple-infused gummies.

Because Ripple is odorless, tasteless, and fast-acting, it solves the main issues with other cannabis-infused substances and makes it easy to enjoy cannabis anywhere, any time.

We aren't suggesting that alcohol is the enemy, but it is to should be consumed in moderation. Some studies indicate that certain kinds of alcohol, such as red wine, may have some legitimate health benefits. But cannabis can also provide the relaxing and mood-boosting effects of drinking alcohol – and it works with your body, not against it. With innovative cannabis additives like Ripple, you can give your favorite beverage a safer, healthier cannabis lift.

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