Top Cannabis Strains to Elevate Your Next Camping Trip

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Home to more than 300,000 square kilometres of national parks and thousands of private and public camping spots, Canada is a sprawling playground for any outdoor enthusiast. From the glassy alpine lakes of Mount Robson Provincial Park to the untouched prairies of Grasslands National Park, the country’s natural landscapes are as beautiful as they are diverse.

Thinking about taking some cannabis with you on your next camping trip? We’ve rounded up some of the best marijuana strains to help you fully appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer. We’ve got cannabis suggestions whether you plan on hiking, rafting, fishing or doing a combination of several fun and invigorating outdoor activities.

Be Cautious When Consuming Cannabis on Your Camping Trip

It’s important to be respectful of the environment when you’re camping in order to preserve Canada’s natural beauty. So, we strongly advise against consuming cannabis with a joint, pipe, bong or any other method that involves combustion, as the flames pose a fire hazard.

Instead, stick to vaping, consuming cannabis oil or bringing along a homemade marijuana edible. You’ll still get the effects without putting your surrounding environment at risk.

Cannabis Strains to Make the Most of Your Hike

When you’re putting some miles on your boots, the last thing you want is to consume cannabis that will make you feel sluggish. Generally speaking, sativa-dominant strains are great for energizing the mind, body and soul as well as stimulating your curiosity—all perfect for enhancing your hiking excursions.

1. Blue Dream Will Energize You on Long Hikes

A sativa-dominant West Coast favourite, Blue Dream is a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys mild euphoria and a gentle boost of mental energy. It can also quell some mild pain, so your body will feel great as you flex your muscles on your hike.

A few words of warning: Blue Dream is fairly potent, coming in at around 15–20% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). With its potency and long-lasting effects, starting low and going slow with this strain is particularly good advice, especially if you’ve still got a long way to go on your hike.

2. Become an Enthusiastic Explorer With Sour Diesel

What list of energizing cannabis strains would be complete without mentioning Sour Diesel?

This potent sativa marijuana strain induces some dreamy effects, so any discovery you make along the way will be sure to provoke your explorer’s spirit. Some consumers liken this strain to a strong cup of coffee, so too much and you may feel racy like you’ve ingested too much caffeine. But just the right amount of Sour Diesel, and you’ll have the energy to tackle even the toughest hike.

While Sour Diesel won’t give you too much of the pain-relieving properties of cannabidiol (CBD), it does impart a nice head high, which will take away any aches and minor injuries you may pick up along the way.

Cannabis Strains to Enhance Your Fishing Trip

Beer has long been the default choice for fishermen, but increasingly people are looking to enhance their fishing experience with cannabis.

When selecting a marijuana strain for a fishing trip, go for a balanced hybrid, as sativas tend to leave you with too much pent-up energy while you sit and wait to catch something. And you may fail to notice a nibble after ingesting a heavy-hitting indica strain.

1. Choose Jack Herer If Your Group Has a Mix of Tolerance Levels

An almost perfectly balanced hybrid, Jack Herer delivers a fast-hitting high that stimulates awareness and creativity. You’ll be on alert for anything tugging on the end of the line and will reel in fish with a wonderful sense of euphoria. You’ll also be able to partake in stimulating conversations with your fishing buddies while you wait for a bite. And it may even. calm any moderate pain you may be feeling, while sitting or standing for hours in a boat or on shore.

Jack Herer is a great strain to choose if your group has varying levels of cannabis experience—marijuana newbies won’t be overwhelmed, but cannabis veterans will still enjoy the fan-favourite’s effects.

2. If You Want to Feel Relaxed but Not High, Cannatonic Is the Strain for You

Featuring a very low THC content of typically less than 6%, Cannatonic is a good option if you’re looking for a gentle high that won’t disrupt your fishing. If you want to feel good but still have the focus and coordination you need to reel in a big one, then give Cannatonic a try.

Cannatonic is also widely used to treat pain and muscle spasms because of its high CBD content. So, if you’re undertaking a long hike to reach your fishing destination, this strain will also help relax muscles and ease any body and head pain you feel.


Cannabis Strains to Motivate You While Kayaking & Rafting

There’s no better way to explore Canada’s lakes and waterways than in a kayak or on a raft. If you’re out on the water, it’s probably best to avoid strong indicas, as their couch-locking effects may make it difficult to paddle back to shore. Instead, choose marijuana strains you know will leave you feeling energized, happy and ready to move at a moment’s notice.

1. Super Lemon Haze Packs a Punch for Your Paddling Needs

This sativa-dominant hybrid will give you all of the energy you need to explore Canada’s crystal-clear waters. As you may have guessed, Super Lemon Haze features a fruity taste with more than a hint of lemony undertones. That lemon flavour and smell comes from the terpene limonene, an oil that’s been shown to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Suppress inflammation
  • Fight fungal infections

Consumers report the high from Super Lemon Haze can provides focus and improves motivation. But with THC levels typically around 20%, Super Lemon Haze is pretty powerful stuff, so be sure to start with small doses to avoid going overboard (literally). It’s also known for bringing on the munchies, so make sure there’s room in your kayak or raft for a snack.

2. Green Crack Will Energize You Enough to Tackle Those Rapids

The name may put you off (Snoop Dogg himself is rumoured to have named the strain), but Green Crack is fast becoming the strain of choice for an energy boost before a workout.

If you expect to be using your muscles on your kayak or rafting trip, Green Crack can help you summon more energy. You’ll also experience a calm yet euphoric high that will leave you feeling happy, focused and can stave off any fatigue you may experience at the end of the trip. Just be aware that consumers report the strain’s effects come on quick, so start low and go slow.

Cannabis Strains to Explore the Night Skies

Away from the light pollution of major cities, the Canadian night sky is a wonder to behold. And stargazing can be a relaxing and awe-inspiring way to end your day.

Did you know that cannabis may be able to enhance those dreamy visuals? According to one animal study, cannabinoids seemed to “improve visual contrast sensitivity under low-light conditions.” That means against the dark night sky, marijuana could make those stars look even brighter.

So, grab your cannabis, stretch out beneath the stars and appreciate the calming view with the following strains.

1. Northern Lights Will Help You Relax & Study the Sky

A cross between two landrace strains, Northern Lights is the perfect strain to use at the end of a long day. It’s been reported to de-stress and impart full-body relaxation, so you may find yourself sticking to one spot as you stargaze.

Northern Lights delivers strong psychoactive effects, uplifts mood and eliminates pain, making it one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the night sky, especially after a long day of outdoor fun.

2. Consume Hard-Hitting OG Kush for Dreamy Euphoria

Boasting an extremely high THC content of typically around 20–25%, OG Kush is very potent and therefore recommended for more experienced consumers. If you consider yourself new to cannabis, it doesn’t mean OG Kush is off limits, just that you should start with a very small dose and wait a while before consuming more (if you want to).

OG Kush delivers a strong sense of euphoria and induces a dreamy state that will leave you marveling at the wonders of space for hours. It’s also a good choice if you’re feeling a little physically spent from the day’s activities, in a bad mood or feeling nauseous.

Photo credit: Teddy Kelley