Top 8 Cannabis Strains to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

byMichael Warford5 minutes

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. This means it’s time to celebrate all things Irish. While St. Pat’s Day may be more associated with drinking, alcohol isn’t a requirement to make this year’s holiday a special one. (After all, most of us do still have work to show up for the next morning.) And what better way to really toast the Emerald Isle than with some green cannabis flower shared with your closest friends?

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of eight cannabis strains that are ideal for celebrating St. Patrick's Day. While most of these strains tend to be sativas (which is only natural given sativa strains’ uplifting qualities), we’ve tried to include something for every type of St. Patrick’s Day reveler.

So whether you’re the one who likes to party all night or would rather just have a chill day with a few friends, you’re bound to find a cannabis strain that’ll fit your holiday plans.


1. Try Jillybean for a Light Pick-Me-Up for St. Pat’s Day

Jillybean cannabis strain

With a moderate THC content of 13–18%, Jillybean is one of the easier sativa strains to handle, especially for beginners.

Consumers often experience a moderate boost to their mental and physical energy, so it’s a good choice if you’re new to cannabis, or if you’re experienced and just want something with relatively mild effects. Jillybean also has a nice citrusy smell with touches of mango and pineapple, which—while not exactly the most Irish of aromas—is sure to put you into a chipper mood.

2. Green Crack Is the Cannabis Strain of Choice for Late-Night Party Goers

Green Crack cannabis strain

If you’re the type of person who likes their St. Pat’s Day reveries to be distinctly green-themed—green shirt, green hat and green novelty glasses—then you’ll want to continue the tradition with Green Crack.

While the first half of its name already makes Green Crack a great choice for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s much more to it than the name that makes it ideal for your March 17 celebrations. For example, this sativa’s known for its intense energy boost and mental clarity. You’ll need both of these if the party’s still going at three in the morning, and you’re thinking up excuses for what to tell your boss when you show up late to work the next day.

3. The Award-Winning Chocolope Is Great for Long St. Patrick’s Day Reveries

Chocolope cannabis strain

Chocolope boasts quintessential sativa properties that make it a great option for celebrating St. Pat’s Day. This uplifting strain gives you the energy and focus you need for a long day and night of hitting the town with your friends.

A true classic of the cannabis world, Chocolope was awarded High Times’ strain of the year award in 2007. While this is usually an excellent choice for people combating fatigue and social anxiety, novice consumers should go slow. Like most sativa strains, too much can produce paranoia or anxiety in those with a low marijuana tolerance.


4. Experienced Cannabis Consumers Can Have an Epic St. Pat’s Day With Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze cannabis strain

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a highly potent cannabis strain to break out for St. Patrick’s Day, then consider Ghost Train Haze. With a THC level typically pushing 28%, this sativa-dominant hybrid is definitely not for those who are new to cannabis.

For experienced consumers, however, a low dose can induce energy, laughter and sociability. In higher doses, you’re more likely to experience Ghost Train Haze’s psychedelic effects. Push the dose too high, too fast, and you do risk experiencing bouts of paranoia. Go slow, and Ghost Train Haze is the perfect choice for a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day.


5. Jack Herer Is Ideal for Those Who Want a Gentle Introduction to Cannabis on St. Patrick’s Day

Jack Herer cannabis strain

For a more approachable marijuana strain, you may want to give Jack Herer a try. This sativa cannabis strain has uplifting and stimulating cerebral effects, while at the same time creating a mellow feeling in many consumers. In other words, it’s a great choice if you just want to relax with friends and enjoy some good conversation.

Unlike most sativas, Jack Herer is unlikely to overwhelm novice cannabis consumers, or induce anxiety or paranoia. But it can be a perfectly accessible strain that’s a great introduction to the plant for those who are celebrating their first cannabis-themed St. Patrick’s Day.


6. For Novices Who Want to Overcome Their Social Anxiety, XJ13 Is a Great Cannabis Strain

XJ13 cannabis strain

Another accessible cannabis strain that’s derived from both Jack Herer and the stronger G13 is XJ13. While certainly more potent than Jack Herer is, XJ13 is still a good choice for consumers who are new to cannabis.

A hybrid strain, XJ13 is especially good if you’re heading to a social event for your St. Pat’s Day celebrations. Its effects tend to be uplifting, with consumers often feeling happy and even bubbly. Thanks to the fact that it’s accessible and stimulates lively conversation, XJ13 is also great to pass around at parties or for those who tend to be a bit shy in social situations.


7. Experienced Consumers With Social Anxiety May Want to Opt for Durban Poison

Durban Poison cannabis strain

Another great choice for those who suffer from social anxiety, but who want something more potent than XJ13, is Durban Poison. This pure sativa strain is famous for its euphoric high and lack of physical effects. Instead, you’ll feel an intensely uplifting sense of cerebral stimulation and mental clarity.

For experienced cannabis consumers, Durban Poison helps alleviate social anxiety. For novices, however, it can be a little too intense with THC levels topping out at about 25% in most cases.

8. Want the Perfect Cannabis Strain to Share? Try Blue Dream This St. Patrick’s Day

Blue Dream cannabis strain

So much of what makes St. Patrick’s Day a special holiday is getting to spend it with friends. If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that you can pass around at a party, then Blue Dream is the perfect crowd-pleaser.

This sativa-dominant hybrid has something to make everyone happy. It produces a pleasant body high and calm euphoria, and it’s excellent at stimulating engaging conversation. As one of the best-selling strains, Blue Dream is an all-around perfect choice for both cannabis novices and experienced consumers who want a lively St. Pat’s Day.

Photo credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com