Top 3 Cannabis Products for Chronic Pain & Anxiety by Atlas Thrive

byNick Rudy3 minutes

As cannabis consumption grows, there's an increase in medical consumers using the plant to offer relief from common health issues. The most common reasons medical patients consume cannabis is to:

Wake up refreshed after consuming cannabis.

There are many different ways to consume cannabis, but not every delivery method works for every medical patient. For instance, many people would like to avoid the risks associated with smoking and vaping cannabis. Edibles can be overwhelming, especially if you consume too much. And, many medical patients wish to avoid the feeling of getting "high".

Atlas Thrive is breaking down this barrier for today's cannabis lovers. They connect modern science with high-grade cannabis to create everyday health products for health-conscious individuals. Specifically, they offer three cutting-edge cannabis delivery methods in the form of transdermal patches, topicals, and tinctures.

Atlas Thrive Transdermal Patches

Atlas transdermal cannabis patches slowly release cannabis into the bloodstream

Transdermal Patches by Atlas Thrive are perfect for everyday cannabis users that benefit from a consistent, slow release of cannabis properties.

Utilizing patented Encapsulation (EnCaps™) Technology, these transdermal patches feature increased permeability and a controlled, 72-hour release. Simply stick it anywhere on your skin and go about your day!

The dosing for these patches is available as follows:

  • THC dose: One patch delivers 20 mg THC and <2 mg CBD
  • CBD dose: One patch delivers 20 mg CBD and <2 mg THC
  • THC/CBD (1:1) dose: One patch delivers 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBD

Head to Medical cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart to purchase the patch that best fits your lifestyle.

Atlas Thrive Topicals

Atlas Thrive cannabis topical gel

If you're looking to relieve pain, inflammation, or other localized physical discomfort, Atlas Thrive's Transdermal Gel is a no-brainer. The gels are applied to the skin and permeate from there — a safe, easy way to make the most of cannabis' medical properties.

Each gel comes with a metered pump, which precisely measures out a 15 mg dose. Just pump once and rub onto the affected area — typically relief comes within 15 minutes and lasts from 2-4 hours.

Atlas Thrive Tinctures

Atlas Thrive tinctures

Unlike similar brands, Atlas Thrive's Tinctures use Evolve Encapsulated Technology to enhance permeability and enable fast-acting, highly effective sublingual delivery.

This tincture is water-soluble and can be dropped into your morning coffee or your post-workout smoothie — enhancing the way you wake up or recover from exercise. These tinctures come in three types, see the dosage for each below:

  • THC dose: 1 bottle contains 150 mg THC and <15 mg CBD, with 150 x 1 mg doses per bottle
  • CBD dose: 1 bottle contains 150 mg CBD and <15 mg THC, with 150 x 1 mg doses per bottle
  • THC/CBD dose: 1 bottle contains 75 mg THC and 75 mg CBD with 150 x 1 mg doses per bottle

You can purchase any of Atlas Thrive's Tinctures at Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart!

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