TGOD’s Whole Leaf Tea & Ripple Products – Where Cannabis Meets Consistency & Quality

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TGOD, by The Green Organic Dutchman, has a unique story amidst the sea of cannabis brands on the Canadian market today. TGOD has a' philosophy rooted in nature' while being 100% certified organic and stands behind its "CleanCraft" methods. It is one of the only Canadian cannabis brands grown in an environment harnessing the power of sunlight, rainwater, and nourishing all-natural living soil. TGOD prides itself on creating a premium product for customers that feels more artisanal than large-scale production.

TGOD is also set apart with its sustainability practices and by giving back to the communities in which it operates. As the Canadian cannabis market booms, its environmental impact becomes greater – with potentially negative consequences. TGOD has pledged to be a leader in sustainability and "cares deeply about the world future generations will inherit." Unlike other cannabis operations, which often grow cannabis in insulation cubes, TGOD grows its cannabis in living soil, reducing environmental waste while focusing on water conservation.

Robert Gora, VP of Sales at TGOD, says that "We use traditional methods of cultivation to grow our high quality, consistent, certified organic cannabis. Growing in living soil and harnessing the power of natural sunlight means growing cannabis the way nature intended. We do not rush the process. After carefully harvesting our products, we employ slow drying techniques, and careful trimming procedures in order to maintain superior bud structure and terpene profiles. This is all in an effort to create the most premium and consistent certified organic product on the market."

TGOD's CEO, Sean Bovingdon, notes that at the core of TGOD’s principles are "to act responsibly, with care, integrity, and respect in the pursuit of excellence," which are at the core of their sustainability practices. Recently TGOD has focused on community outreach and started the Good Neighbour program in Ancaster Ontario, an opportunity for community members to communicate directly with TGOD. They also created a community farm where organic fruits and vegetables are harvested by the students from the local community and shared with people facing food insecurity.

The heart of TGOD is its unique line of cannabis products, which include flower, gummies, whole leaf tea, and a dissolvable powder called Ripple. TGOD’s whole leaf tea, gummies and dissolvable powders are best known for their clinically proven 15-minute onset of cannabinoid absorption* and, have become an instant hit among medical and recreational cannabis consumer within the marketplace. TGOD views itself as a wellness brand carried by Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart, with a line of products well situated in between both the medical and recreational consumer.

TGod Loose Leaf Tea

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The TGOD cannabis whole leaf teas, come in three different flavors with a heavy emphasis on organic, adaptogenic herbs. The Happy Hibiscus Mate features an energizing yerba mate, tart hibiscus, sweet cacao & orange peel, bright turmeric that finishes with an undertone of warm ginger. The Zen Green Sencha is uplifting and smooth with sencha green tea, moringa, and balanced tulsi and sweet liquorice root and is ideal for a patient looking for a CBD only product. The Restful Chamomile is perfect for a good night's rest with all natural, organic chamomile flowers as the main ingredient.

Each tea is dosed for consistency and offers a different ratio of THC to CBD. Focusing on certified organic status, the teas include:

Happy Hibiscus Mate

  • THC: 2.5mg CBD: 5mg
  • Adaptogenic herb: Turmeric

Zen Green Sencha

  • THC: 1mg CBD: 10mg
  • Adaptogenic herb: Tulsi, Liquorice root

Restful Chamomile

  • THC: 2.5 mg CBD: 5mg
  • Adaptogenic herb: Chamomile flower

Consumers love TGOD organic teas for the robust flavor, accuracy in dosing and the quick 15-minute onset.

TGod Ripple: Dissolvable Powders

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Ripple, by TGOD is "customizable cannabis therapy for any taste." according to Rob Gora. With Ripple, cannabis therapy fits into a daily routine with dissolvable sachets. The dissolvable powder products come in High THC (green), Balanced THC/CBD (purple) and High CBD (Blue).

With small convenient sachets, it's easy to customize the dosage and titrate the amount of cannabis upwards or downwards, based on individual preference. It's also convenient to carry, while being flavourless and calorie-free, so a consumer can add the powder to virtually anything, whether it be coffee, a smoothie or a soup, or stew.

Mr. Gora says, "In addition to convenience, consumers can take control over their dosage. There is a lot less risk than with a standard edible, where you may overconsume, and the dose is way too much, and you feel horrible. With Ripple, the consumer can precisely microdose the product and feel comfortable their individual needs are being met."

Like TGOD's whole leaf tea, Ripple is unique in that it has shown to have a 15-minute onset to absorption, with peak absorption being at 1 hour. Ripple is also similar to a tincture, allowing the cannabis to enter your bloodstream via membranes under your tongue. In addition, Ripple is absorbed via the intestines and through the liver, all of which lead to greater bioavailability than traditional edibles or tinctures.

You can find the TGOD product line at Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart. If you are in need of a medical document, visit HelloMD, to have a live video consultation with a doctor.

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