Reduce Chronic Pain & Anxiety with Cannabis Transdermal Patches by Atlas Thrive

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If health-oriented goals are at the top of your new year's list, you're not alone. Last year, a survey indicated that 51% of Canadians planned to exercise more while 42% wanted to be healthier.

There are various ways to achieve optimal health. You may choose to adopt a whole foods diet, increase the amount of exercise you do with a mindful practice like yoga, or work to improve your sleep hygiene to get some restful Zzzz's. You might also think about incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle, as research indicates that cannabis can also help improve the quality of your life.

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Some examples of how cannabis can support better health are:

If you're looking to up your health game, decrease your feeling of pain, diminish anxiety, or even sleep better, we suggest trying transdermal cannabis patches. Atlas Thrive™ Transdermal Patches are an ideal solution for patients seeking steady-release, smoke-free cannabis that can be confidently integrated into a health and wellness routine.

A Gentler Release of Cannabis

Atlas transdermal cannabis patches slowly release cannabis into the bloodstream

Atlas transdermal cannabis patches fit the bill if you're looking for a continuous, controlled release of CBD or THC. Utilizing patented Encapsulation (EnCaps™) Technology, these transdermal patches feature increased permeability and a controlled 72-hour release.

Transdermal patches stick to your skin and use FDA-approved ingredients to encapsulate the cannabinoids in a gel format that makes them more water-soluble. Cannabis is absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream. This consumption method provides consistent delivery of small amounts of cannabis into the bloodstream over a long period of time, allowing the cannabinoids to deliver a long-term controlled release.

While results vary based on the user, typically transdermal delivery minimizes the metabolic byproduct 11-hydroxy THC, which has significantly higher psychoactivity than THC.

Applying transdermal cannabis patches to the skin is easy and provides lasting relief

To put it simply, you won't feel a sudden "high" associated with typical cannabis use. Instead, you'll feel the medicinal properties associated with cannabis consumption (pain relief, reduced anxiety, etc.) over a longer period of time — without the come up or come down. These patches will last days, and they're safe to shower in and wear under your clothes.

To use the patches, simply pop a patch on in the morning and go about your day. The ideal placement of a patch is on a venous part of your body, like your ankle, your arm, or the inside of your wrist. If discretion is important, you can easily hide a transdermal patch.

What's in an Atlas Cannabis Transdermal Patch?


Atlas offers the following types of transdermal patches-available through Medical Cannabis by Shoppers:

The dosing for each is as follows:

  • THC dose: One Patch delivers 20 mg THC and <2 mg CBD
  • CBD does: One patch delivers 20 mg CBD and <2 mg THC
  • THC/CBD (1:1) dose: One Patch delivers 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBD
  • Total product doses: 1 Patch (18 cm2)

You can find more information about the ingredients and clinical pharmacology of Atlas Thrive Transdermal Patches here.

If you're looking for a fast, reliable, and simple way to ease aches and pains or generally feel calmer and centered in 2022, these transdermal patches are a must-have.

Where to Purchase Atlas Thrive Cannabis Transdermal Patches

Atlas is a Canadian brand, and their cannabis transdermal patches are available on the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers website. In order to purchase you will need to be a certified medical patient with a medical cannabis document.

Get Your Medical Document & Purchase Medical Cannabis

It's easy to get your medical document with the online Telehealth service HelloMD. Register, pay, and receive an online medical consultation with a licensed practitioner and start purchasing medical cannabis today.