Marijuana, Insomnia & Migraines: Liz's Success Story

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After serving thousands of patients at HelloMD, we’ve seen a pattern emerge: Cannabis helps real people with real conditions. People from all walks of life are turning to cannabis in lieu of opioids, other medications or alternative therapies because they’re feeling the results and relief, with little to no side effects.

In this cannabis success story, we speak with Liz who has long suffered from insomnia and migraines. Cannabis has allowed her to not only sleep better, but to manage her migraines effectively.

Liz's Experience with Cannabis

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Chronic Pain History

I’ve always had insomnia, even as a kid. Why I’ve never been able to sleep is a mystery to me and my doctors. Once I became an adult, I also started to experience migraines. Once they started, it wasn’t unusual for me to experience anywhere from 15 to 20 a month. They’re excruciating and have caused constant pain for me.

Previous Treatments for Insomnia & Migraines

Prior to trying cannabis, I used Ambien nightly to help me sleep as well as other prescription sleeping pills. For my migraines, I tried every drug available including injections. Nothing was working—my migraines were still as bad, and I still wasn’t sleeping well. I really tried everything. I exhausted every option before I tried cannabis for the first time.

Cannabis Experience

I began using cannabis four years ago, after becoming depressed that nothing else was working. I’d heard it might help me so I researched it. First, I started by smoking an indica flower as a preventative treatment to see if it might work. At the time, my neurologist was having me keep a sleep journal. After a couple of months of smoking, it became clear that I was sleeping much better. The only change I had made was smoking cannabis.

Overall, the severity of my migraines decreased drastically, and I was sleeping! Now I take a very active approach and make sure that I smoke regularly as a preventative measure. I typically smoke in the evening just before bedtime; this works for me.

The Cannabis Tool Kit for Liz’s Insomnia & Migraines

Marijuana Flower

I make sure to smoke an indica every night before I go to bed. I’m not really picky about which one; they all seem to make me drowsy, and I typically smoke a pipe. My goal is to make sure I always have some THC in my system, which is the preventative measure for me. When I have a migraine, I find that strains higher in CBD, like Cannatonic or Harlequin, will help me manage the pain.

Liz Says ...

"I’ve had lifelong insomnia. With cannabis I fall asleep faster, and I’m able to drop off peacefully rather than tossing and turning and waiting forever to get that drowsy feeling."