Discovering Cannabis Strains from Lesser-Known to Blockbuster Bud Equivalents

byhellomd5 minutes

When it comes to medical cannabis, different people have different needs. Some might desire the sedating, body-numbing effects of strains high in THC, or want CBD-dominant ones that avoid psychoactive effects while delivering a range of potential health benefits.

They may desire pain relief, or support battling the depression and anxiety brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding exactly the right string to help you with whatever health issue you want to address is a matter of research and experimentation. It’s good to know that among the well-known and lesser-known strains of cannabis, there many that cover some of the same ground. If a well-known strain is out of supply, you could turn to a lesser-known one to see if it can deliver the same benefits.

Or you may want to try something new just to see how it stacks up to another strain as far as addressing your personal requirements. To help you with your choices, here are six lesser-known cannabis strains with their better-known equivalents.

1. Sunset Sherbert and Bubba Kush

Lesser Known: Sunset Sherber certainly deserves better recognition for its ability to bust stress with euphoric but mellow effects. This cannabis strain is a hybrid of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies, and was originally created by accident in San Francisco. One weekend, the grower left the parent plants in their basement in the Sunset District and when they returned, Sunset Sherbet was born.

Like its parents, Sunset Sherbet has a sweet, tropical scent that becomes more skunky as it’s broken down, and its flavor has strong notes of citrus that become more earthy as you exhale. Its cerebral effects are great for mood disorders, and the strain may help with treating anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD and providing a restful sleep.

Better Known: Like Sunset Sherbert, Bubba Kush has deeply sedative effects and is good for rest and relaxation. The classic indica strain has an earthy aroma and a slightly harsh taste that transforms into nutty sweetness, with discernible coffee and chocolate flavors.

The deep body relaxation it promotes may help those who suffer from muscle spasms and different types of pain. It also promotes a good appetite, which may make it useful for patients undergoing chemotherapy and those with conditions like HIV/AIDS, which tend to curb appetite.

2. Super Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze

**Lesser Known: **Super Sour Diesel is a sativa hybrid with a powerful THC concentration (20%), so must be consumed with care. On exhalation it has a spicy, herbal flavor and leaves users energized, uplifted and relaxed. As a sativa-leaning strain, it has strong cerebral effects, which may induce euphoria and creativity.

Medical cannabis users may turn to Super Sour Diesel to relieve migraines and eye pressure, as well as treating stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Better Known: It’s not surprising that Super Silver Haze is often compared to Super Sour Diesel, since it is, with Sour Diesel, one of its parent strains. It is a prize-winning sativa-dominant strain, originally bred in Amsterdam, with heavy euphoric, but calming, effects that can energize, spark creativity and help with pain. It’s a good choice for medical marijuana patients who are coping with anxiety, depression and ADD/ADHD.

3. The White and Chemdawg

**Lesser Known: **A hybrid strain with high THC content (18 to 29%), The White offers a nice balance of physical and mental effects, with a mild aroma and flavor. This is not for new cannabis users, since the strain creates a strong, cerebral euphoria that settles into strong body effects.

The White is great for relaxing after a long day and may alleviate daytime pain, as well as well as helping people with ADD, ADHD and stress.

Better Known: With a slightly lighter THC content (15 to 20%), Chemdawg also produces energetic cerebral cerebral effects coupled with a full body buzz. The hybrid strain, with strong diesel aroma, can help relieve insomnia and chronic pain, stimulate appetite, and counteract depression and anxiety with its euphoric effects.

4. Snoop’s Dream and Granddaddy Purple

Lesser Known: A cross between Blue Dream and Master Kush, Snoop’s Dream isn’t endorsed by Snoop Dogg, but it has a laid-back, happy vibe that the hip-hop artist would probably approve of. It offers a sweet, berry flavor with hints of citrus and earth, and some of the best effects of sativa and indica strains.

Strong THC content combines easygoing cerebral and body effects with a mood boost that may help those looking to de-stress. It may also work to alleviate headaches and migraines with its face-numbing effects.

Better Known: For its part, Grandaddy Purple has deeply calming effects, which can also help people who want to de-stress or get help falling asleep. The indica strain is high in THC, as well as myrcene, a terpene that can boost THC’s sedative properties.

With its berry flavors, Grandaddy Purple can also relieve pain and muscle spasms, as well as stimulating appetitive.

5. God’s Gift and OG Kush

Lesser Known: God’s Gift) is exactly that — a seeming blessing from a higher power with its powerful abilities to fight pain and boost moods. The indica strain, with a sweet berry smell and touch of earthiness, has a strong THC content (18 to 22%) with both strong body qualities and euphoric/sociable ones.

It’s body-numbing effects can help medical cannabis patients experiencing severe pain. God’s Gift is also a good match for patients with serious, long-term illnesses that are mentally and physically taxing, such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Better Known: OG Kush is one of the parent’s of God’s Gift, and also offers a divine experience, with strong body and mind effects. The hybrid strain also offhasers high THC levels (19 to 26%) that can be mellowing and stimulating at the same time.

It has a good reputation in the medical cannabis community because of how well it deals with nausea, gastrointestinal issues and moods disorders. It also may have benefits for those with Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Trident and Charlotte’s Web

Lesser Known: Trident is a high-CBD cannabis strain that has anywhere from 12 to 15% CBD and less than 6% THC. It is popular in the medical marijuana community because as a powerful anti-inflammatory it can help with anxiety, muscle tension and spasms. It’s antispasmodic properties are one reason that it is liked by some people with epilepsy.

Low THC levels means it has fewer psychoactive effects than many other strains, and may be used by people who want to avoid strong THC content or build up their tolerance to it slowly.

**Better Known: Charlotte’s Web also has a high CBD (1 to 17%) and low THC (less than 0.3%) content. It was originally developed as a non-psychoactive cannabis strain that could reduce the seizures of someone suffering from Dravet’s syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy.

As well as helping with epilepsy seizures, Charlotte’s Web can work to alleviate chronic pain, inflammation and depression. Medical cannabis patients experiencing fibromyalgia or Parkinson’s Disease may find it helps reduce muscle spasms and joint-related injuries.

Whether a cannabis strain is widely known for certain effects, or is a secret that you’ve discovered on your own, its reputation will continue to grow if it delivers the health benefits that you are looking for.