Creating a Healthy Skincare Routine with Pura Earth's CBD-Sourced Products

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Your Skin: a Mirror to Your Overall Health

The skin is the largest organ on the body and one that's hard to ignore. Skin holds our bodies together, reacts to the environment, and reflects our overall state of health. Our skin moves with us throughout the day, from walking to running, and it also helps us maintain a healthy immune system. It mirrors our habits, our age, and it works with the nervous system to alert the body to potential dangers - think about the last time you touched a hot surface.

Our skin is on display for the rest of the world, and most of us like to reflect a healthy glow. But, great skin is not just about having good DNA it's also about establishing good skincare routines. Your skincare routine depends on your goals or perhaps a skin condition you're trying to treat. Ultimately, how you care for your skin is personal.

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Healthy skin is a reflection of your overall health.

Typically there are four steps recommended for a basic skincare routine:

  • Cleansing your face with a facial cleanser
  • Toning your face to refresh and balance the pH of your skin
  • Moisturizing with a cream to hydrate and soften the skin
  • Applying an SPF lotion with sun protection

Incorporating these steps is an easy add-on to a daily routine and will brighten your skin and tune up your complexion.

Your Skin: Creating a Healthy Glow

Establishing a skincare routine will help improve the look and feel of your skin over time. But, if you want glowing, vibrant skin (that may even appear younger) you'll want to consider hydration as well as a healthy-skin diet. Consider that what you consume, from beverages to food, will all eventually show up on your skin. The healthier you eat and drink, the better your skin will look.

When it comes to hydration, drinking lots of water will help to revitalize your skin. Drinking water throughout the day will help to decrease sagging skin, improve your pH balance, flush toxins, reduce wrinkles and acne, and create more elasticity. Unlike water, drinking coffee or alcohol regularly will dehydrate your skin.

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Berries are high in antioxidants and good for the skin.

Eating healthy can mean different things to different people. If you plan to eat healthy with the aim of improving your skin tone and texture, we recommend some of the following foods:

  • Low-fat dairy products - high in Vitamin A
  • Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and plums - high in antioxidants which protect skin cells
  • Fatty fish - full of omega-3 fatty acid
  • Avocados- high in healthy fats
  • Walnuts - high in omega-3, omega-6 and zinc
  • Sweet potatoes - full of beta carotene and vitamin A
  • Broccoli - full of vitamin A & C, minerals, and zinc
  • Dark chocolate - high in antioxidants
  • Red grapes - contains resveratrol an anti-aging compound

Your Skin: Common Skin Conditions

Many different types of skin conditions exist but the three most common are:

  • Acne
  • Inflammation such as Eczema
  • Aging skin

Skin Condition: Acne

Acne is a condition that often affects teenagers but may be common for some people at any age. Acne occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. It may present as whiteheads, blackheads, red pimples, and larger, more painful bumps that are pus-filled and infected. Acne is most common on the face, forehead, and chest. Unfortunately, acne can cause emotional distress and can scar the skin permanently.

Skin Condition: Eczema

Eczema is a common skin condition affecting millions of Canadians; the skin becomes inflamed, itchy, cracked, and rough. There are many different types of Eczema, but all are related to general inflammation within the skin.

Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of Eczema, and the word dermatitis refers to inflammation of the skin. Atopic dermatitis can occur at any age and may be related to an overactive immune system or a reaction to environmental stimuli. Most people who suffer from this condition will have periods where the condition worsens and times where symptoms may go away entirely.

Skin Condition: Aging

You can't prevent aging skin entirely, but you can try to mitigate the harsh reality. As we age, the color, texture, and feel of our skin change. Skin becomes thinner, looser, loses fat, and that 'youthful glow' disappears. We develop wrinkles, and as we get much older, age spots and discoloration may occur. If we've been exposed to too much sun, we may even develop skin cancer.

Aging skin is not preventable, but we can influence how much we are affected. Environmental and lifestyle choices can help reduce the effect age has on our skin. Some proactive choices you can make to improve the look of aging skin:

  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Increase water intake
  • Exercise regularly
  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Implement a daily skincare routine (above)

Your Skin: The Wonders of CBD

In recent years, cannabidiol, or CBD, has become a popular remedy for anxiety, insomnia, stopping pain in its tracks, and even quelling seizures. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful chemical that occurs naturally in many types of cannabis. In fact, CBD, the second most common cannabinoid, can be found in both medical cannabis and in hemp. The diverse properties of CBD are helpful in improving a wide range of conditions - including skin conditions.

Avicanna: Pura Earth CBD Skincare Line

Avicanna, is a Canadian vertically integrated biopharmaceutical company. Its mission is to develop and drive biopharmaceutical advancements of plant-derived cannabinoid-based products.

One of Avicanna's initiatives has been developing a CBD-rich skincare line to aid in the care and treatment of various skin conditions. After years of R&D, Avicanna has shown that:

"CBD has been shown to promote skin health by inducing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic responses that could be beneficial for a variety of dermatological conditions as Eczema or atopic dermatitis1- In addition, CBD can down-regulate the activity of cells that are critical in the production of skin oils and therefore may dampen the production in acne-prone skin."

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Avicanna's skincare line Pura Earth

Avicanna's answer to the treatment of various skin conditions is the creation of the skincare brand Pura Earth, sold through Medical Cannabis by Shoppers.

Three cosmetic clinical studies were conducted on Avicanna’s formulations targeting cosmetic factors associated with aging, acne-prone skin, and eczema-prone skin. One hundred and fifty six participants participated in the studies, which looked at endpoints such as overall hydration and excess oil production. Pura Earth is the first known CBD skincare line to be clinically tested and commercialized across cannabis channels nationwide in Canada.

The launch of Pura Earth includes three products that are available through Medical Cannabis by Shoppers online platform.

Pura Earth: Rosemary and Tea Tree Gel

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Acne is tough to treat, but it may be a little easier with the Rosemary Tea Tree Gel. This water-based gel contains beta-caryophyllene, and tea tree extract, which is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The addition of rosemary oil extract has also been shown to calm the inflammation associated with acne.

According to Avicanna's clinical study, "the Rosemary and Tea Tree Gel was investigated for its short- and long-term effects on skin hydration and sebum (oil) production on acne-prone or oily skin. The results showed a significant increase in skin hydration and a significant decrease in oiliness in 93% of participants who had oily skin."

Pura Earth: Colloidal Oatmeal Cream

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The application of oatmeal to inflamed skin has long been a DIY at-home remedy. Avicanna has used this as a jumping-off point for its Colloidal Oatmeal Cream, which blends colloidal oatmeal, hemp seed oil, and CBD to help relieve the dry itchiness that often comes along with inflamed skin. Avicanna's clinical study on the Colloidal Oatmeal Cream "evaluated its effect on skin hydration and erythema and found that 86% of participants had decreased skin redness after 3 hours and increased skin hydration."

Pura Earth: Japanese Cedar Bud Face Cream

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Combatting the effects of aging on the skin is an ongoing battle, and one of our greatest weapons is hydration. The Japanese Cedar Bud Face Cream is a luxurious combination of pure CBD and Japanese cedar bud extract which deeply moisturizes the skin. A combination of Japanese Cedar Bud Extract from a coniferous tree native to Japan, Vitamin E, and Hemp Oil, this cream is fast-absorbing and has a light scent and texture.

Scientists have found that CBD improves the production of collagen, making the skin and muscles firmer and connective tissue and bones stronger. Recently, CBD has taken the beauty aisles by storm due to its purported anti-aging properties.

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