Cannabis Brings People Together

bymzimmerman2 minutes

More often than not, we’re bombarded with a daily barrage of news stories painting a fairly bleak picture of the world we live in. Let's face it: There’s a lot of division within our global community today, and sometimes it seems to be getting worse, not better. All of the uncertainty surrounding our global community can lead to increased stress levels. But in the darkness, cannabis sheds a positive light. Cannabis actually brings people together, unlike so many things today that are driving people apart.

Here are some of the ways that cannabis brings people together.

Cannabis & Tradition

We’re constantly fascinated by learning from the traditions of other cultures and groups of people. Cannabis plays a role in long-standing traditions across a wide range of cultures and religions ranging from Hinduism to Rastafarianism. Though the traditions tied to cannabis are widespread, they’re all connected by the use of cannabis for the purposes of healing and nourishment, both physical and spiritual.

The goal of cannabis in almost all traditions is to improve the lives of people and to provide them with comfort and spiritual enlightenment. These ideals are what has made cannabis so appealing to so many people, no matter their personal backgrounds. Cannabis provides people a connection to the greater ideal of nourishment, healing, and personal and spiritual understanding.

Cannabis & Learning

Cannabis allows you to free yourself of external stresses and anxieties in order to focus on the moment. It can also pique your curiosity and creativity, leading you to learn and create new things. When you interact with other people while consuming cannabis, you often absorb new information because you find yourself open to new ideas with an understanding mindset. Cannabis can help you make connections with someone who may have led a completely different life, and you can learn from all of their unique experiences.

Cannabis & Equality

Cannabis has long been a persecuted plant. Though it’s now just gaining its rightful respect as a viable medication and a safe alternative to alcohol, it’s still widely misunderstood by many people who’ve been misled about marijuana their entire lives. People who consume cannabis understand what it’s like to live with a sense of stigma.

Marijuana consumers know what it’s like to be widely accepted in some areas and demonized in others. As such, the cannabis community is most often welcoming of other groups that have been persecuted or pushed to the side. Cannabis tradition also prioritizes fairness and sharing—meaning people who use marijuana often receive others with open arms and are willing to share what they have with them.

Cannabis & Romance

Have you ever heard the saying: Couples that smoke together stay together? Well, there’s a nugget of truth to that statement. Cannabis can reduce the stress and anxiety that often leads to arguments between folks. Marijuana can also lead to increased bonding between two people, both emotionally and sexually. It can enhance intimacy and sensuality, as well as help open up the lines of communication. Couples who smoke cannabis together also tend to share similar views and ideals, leading to an increase in trust, support and understanding within the union.