7 Outdoor Winter Activities Enhanced With Cannabis

byMichael Warford4 minutes

As Canadians, we love to complain about how much we hate winter. But if we’re being perfectly honest, the fact that we get to enjoy a ton of wintery activities across the country makes us pretty lucky.

It’s exciting that each winter we have our choice of snowboarding down the slopes of Whistler, dog sledding through the Yukon, or cross-country skiing in the woods of Quebec and Ontario. And that doesn’t even cover the countless ice rinks that dot backyards and public squares from coast to coast.

Still not convinced that winter really is a great season? Maybe adding cannabis to your next snowy outdoor activity will convince you otherwise. While we certainly don’t want you doing anything dangerous or illegal (Please don’t go snowmobiling or downhill skiing while high.), there are tons of ways that cannabis can help make this winter one you’ll never forget.

1. Cannabis Before Cross-Country Skiing Will Help You Enjoy the Scenery

Cannabis mixes much better with cross-country skiing than it does with downhill skiing. I wouldn’t want to be elevated while shooting down a double black diamond ski slope.

But the prospect of going on a scenic, cross-country ski trail after consuming some cannabis sounds like a fine idea. This is also one of the rare winter activities that can be enjoyed in every province and territory.

Plus, after a long day of skiing, curling up by the fireplace with a cup of cannabis-infused cider or tea is an excellent way to wind down and relieve any soreness.

2. Microdose Marijuana & You’ll Have Fun Ice Skating While Keeping Your Balance

Winter in Canada means you’re never far from an ice skating rink, whether it’s in a friend’s backyard or at a public outdoor rink. Throw in some cannabis, and you and your closest friends have the ingredients for a great social outing.

While there are, of course, hundreds of rinks to choose from, some of the public ones make for a particularly legendary day or night out, including Lake Louise, Nathan Philips Square in Toronto and the Bonsecours Basin in Montreal. Our top pick, however, has to be Ottawa’s Rideau Canal, where you can traverse the world’s longest, natural skating rink and then satisfy your munchies with a delicious beaver tail.

A microdose of cannabis before ice skating can help you feel happy and relaxed, without interfering with your balance or coordination.


3. After a Day of Skiing/Snowboarding, CBD Can Help Ease Aches & Pains

Hopefully, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be hitting the slopes when you’re high—that just puts yourself and everybody else on the mountain in danger. However, consuming cannabis with a low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, should be OK on the smaller hills. (Just don’t smoke cannabis while you’re in the great outdoors, as it’s a fire hazard.)

Where cannabis can really make a day on the slopes better is when you’re back at the lodge, and you suddenly realize how sore and stiff your entire body feels. Cannabis treatments can help relieve some of the pain and soreness. Go for a cannabis preparation rich in cannabidiol (CBD) because CBD has proven anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.


4. Cannabis Can Make Watching the Aurora Borealis Extra Special

Frankly, I can’t imagine a more amazing setting for getting high than beneath the dancing lights of the aurora borealis. If you’re lucky enough to live far enough north to see the aurora borealis—or if you’re planning on visiting soon—then make sure you bring along something with a higher THC content for a truly out-of-this-world experience.

Anecdotally, many folks say cannabis enhances visual images. And though this phenomenon isn’t fully understood, there’s some science to back it up. One animal study concluded that cannabinoids seemed to “improve visual contrast sensitivity under low-light conditions.”

5. Liven Up Ice Fishing Downtime With Marijuana

Canada is strewn with thousands of lakes that offer some of the best ice fishing on the planet. After you set up your hut and wait for the first fish to bite, a great way to pass the time, either alone or with friends, is with cannabis.

This is a winter activity where pretty much any type of cannabis is a great fit, from vaping to edibles. Although given how cold it can get out on the ice, you may want to opt for that cannabis-infused hot cider.

6. Dog Sledding Passengers Can Take Cannabis to Up the Fun Factor

Here’s another one of those activities that just seems designed for cannabis. Driving a dog sled while high isn’t the smartest idea. However, if you’re a passenger, then racing through the snow and woods as a dozen huskies carry you along sounds like an incredible adventure.

And consuming some cannabis with a moderate amount of THC will have you feeling relaxed yet energized for your ride through the gorgeous Canadian countryside.

7. Laugh Like a Kid Again by Introducing Marijuana to Your Snow Tubing Adventure

I realize all of you skiers or snowboarders may think that snow tubing is a bit lame, but you may want to reconsider after you combine it with cannabis. Just picture it: You and a bunch of your best buddies packed into an eight-person tube as you plummet down one bunny hop after another. Trust me, you’ll all be laughing your heads off like you’re kids again.

This is the first Canadian winter where we get to enjoy cannabis legally, so why not make the most of it? Whether it’s skating under the bright city lights after smoking a joint or curling up after a day on the slopes with a delicious cup of CBD-infused cider, there are plenty of ways to use cannabis to add even more fun to your outdoor activities this winter.

Photo credit: Chris Holder