6 Cannabis Strains to Help Ease Menstrual Cramps

byKait Fowlie5 minutes

If you’re one of the many women who suffers from cramps during that time of the month and are curious about using cannabis to ease the pain, you may be thinking: Where do I begin? Knowing which cannabis strains can offer the most relief can mean the difference between keeping up with your busy schedule or having to cancel all of your plans and toss about in bed until the pain subsides.

How Can Cannabis Help With Menstrual Cramps?

Some women find cannabis to be an effective treatment for menstrual cramps, and the reason why may be down to a system of receptors found throughout the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps regulate our biological processes from immune function to pain management. It has also been proven to play a role in regulating the menstrual cycle as ECS receptors are present in the uterus and uterine lining.

The ECS regulates the body when it interacts with compounds called cannabinoids. We produce our own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids. But the cannabis plant also makes cannabinoids. So, when we ingest the cannabinoids from marijuana—most famously tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)—this helps our ECS function properly. And part of that normal functioning is to help ease pain—like the pain felt from menstrual cramps.


In addition to their pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effects, THC and CBD have been proven to help with a range of symptoms that can crop up when you get your period, such as:

  • Sour mood
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Pain

So, rather than take more ibuprofen than you feel comfortable with, or simply suffer through a week or more of sheer discomfort, get your hands on a cannabis strain that can help ease the symptoms that ail you during your time of the month.

Here are six marijuana strains that can help ease painful menstrual cramps.

1. Purple Urkle’s Sedation & Pain Relief Helps Reduce Period Cramps When You Just Want to Chill

A classic indica cannabis strain, this offshoot of Mendocino Purps is ideal for the kind of night (or day) when you want to shut the blinds, dim the lights and truly, deeply chill. Purple Urkle imparts a strong body buzz and will help provide moderate relief from cramps or lower back pain.

In larger amounts, Purple Urkle can put you right to sleep, so save this one for when you can clear your schedule and be at one with your bed or couch.

2. Blue Dream Can Help You Get on With Your Day, Despite Menstrual Cramps

This hybrid of indica strain Blueberry and sativa strain Haze is well-loved by many for its mood-boosting effects. Consumers report Blue Dream has uplifting results with low potential for increasing anxiety.

This makes it great for your evening wind-down ritual or as a companion to keep you pain-free during a day of running errands. Have Blue Dream on hand to keep cramps and irritability at bay when you don’t feel so hot but need to get stuff done.

3. CBD-Rich ACDC Can Calm Cramps Without Psychoactive Effects

A high-CBD strain with very little THC, ACDC has little to no psychoactive effects, but it will help relieve some of the pain that comes along with menstrual cramps. Its nausea-relieving effects paired with a powerful ability to soothe pain has made it a favourite among chronic pain sufferers.

Here’s a tip for some targeted relief: Mix a bit of an ACDC-based cannabis oil into your favourite lotion to give your stomach a massage when cramps strike.

4. Jillybean Can Soothe Mild Cramps & Give Your Mood a Boost

Ever get menstrual cramps so bad that you can’t even peel yourself off the couch? This hybrid cannabis strain has your back—and belly—when you need something that will help you leave your house and face the world.

Jillybean has the typical characteristics of an energizing sativa, so it can help provide some get-up and go for outdoor activities or social outings. Yet, its effects are mellow enough to keep you relaxed while holding cramps at bay. One thing to note: Jillybean may be perfect for mild menstrual cramps, but may not be so effective for more severe pain.

5. Dutch Treat’s Body-Melting Effects Will Quell Menstrual Cramps in No Time

On chill nights when you need to unwind and relax into your body, this indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is just sedating enough. Besides easing cramps, Dutch Treat can provide potent relief from migraines or headaches. So if head pain comes paired with your cramps when it’s that time of the month, Dutch Treat is a great marijuana strain to keep on hand.

After taking some Dutch Treat, sink into a long, luxurious bath. Then follow it up by putting on a pair of comfy pajamas and crawling into bed—you’ll forget all about those painful period cramps.

6. Lavender Can Help You Sleep When Period Cramp Pain Keeps You Up

When pain from menstrual cramps threatens to break your body, this cannabis strain can take over. Lavender will give you that strong body-melt you need to feel a little better about everything. It’s a top pick for chronic pain patients and those suffering from insomnia, so if the pain from menstrual cramps tends to wake you during the night, Lavender is the pre-bed medicine you need.

Photo credit: Zohre Nemati