5 Ways to Add Cannabis to Your Outdoor Summer Fun

byAlexia Kapralos5 minutes

Summer is in full swing, which means the sun is shining and people are venturing outside to enjoy food, drink and fun activities with friends. Whether it’s relaxing or adventurous, there’s always something to do in the great outdoors during the summertime. There’s no reason why cannabis can’t come along, too.

Here are five ways you can incorporate cannabis into your outdoor summer fun.

1. Picnic in the Park With a Cannabis Edible

During the summer, parks are buzzing with people enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Laughing it up with friends and relaxing on a soft picnic blanket is a great setting to soak up some vitamin D.

Since parks are public places, and you’re likely to be surrounded by other people and possibly children, pass on the joint or vaporizer. Instead, include a marijuana edible in your picnic spread.

This way, no marijuana smoke will bother others, and you can partake discreetly. Edibles won’t create waste either if they’re packed in reusable containers—meaning, no litter in the park and no roaches butted out on the grass.

Cooking and baking cannabis-infused dishes also gives you an opportunity to bond with friends before heading out to the picnic. Trying new recipes and helping each other out in the kitchen can add to the fun of the day.

Check out some of our cannabis recipes for inspiration, including:

2. Enjoy a Marijuana Joint in Front of a Roaring Bonfire

As the sun goes down and the stars come out, lighting a bonfire and watching the dancing flames with good company make for a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a summer evening outside. A cannabis joint you can share and pass around is another way to strengthen the social aspect of a bonfire.

For this time outside with friends, choose an uplifting cannabis strain that’s good for socializing—and will enhance those mesmerizing flames. Some choices to consider:

Then, you can combat any subsequent munchies by roasting marshmallows over the fire to make ooey gooey s’mores. Also, no one has to worry about forgetting their lighter because, well, there’s a large flame already lit around the centre of the group. RELATED: GETTING THE MUNCHIES: HOW CANNABIS AFFECTS YOUR APPETITE

3. Bring a Marijuana Oil With You on a Hike

Hiking is a great way to appreciate nature and escape from the city during the summer months. Cannabis can definitely enhance your time exploring the flora and fauna on your outdoor adventure.

To add cannabis to your hiking trip, you have two options: consuming before and/or after the hike or taking your marijuana with you during the trip. If you want to indulge before or after your hike, be sure to choose the right marijuana strain for the situation. If you’re looking to get energized for a hike, pairing a sativa strain with a physical activity like this would be ideal. But, if you’re looking to wind down after a hike and give your sore muscles a chance to recover, choose a high-cannabidiol (CBD) strain to take advantage of the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory properties.

If you want to medicate while hiking, keep in mind that you’ll be surrounded by plants and maybe even animals. It’s important to act responsibly given how destructive and tragic forest fires can be. This is why opting for a cannabis oil is the best way to go.

Cannabis oils are lightweight, easy to transport and aren’t a fire hazard. Since they’re taken sublingually (under the tongue), medicating while on the move won’t disturb your hike. Just make sure to bring extra water to stay hydrated and combat possible dry mouth.

4. Stay Refreshed While Swimming With a Cannabis-Infused Drink

Swimming is a fantastic way to beat the heat while spending time outdoors. Whether you’re by the pool, on a beach or lakeside, try drinking a cannabis-infused iced tea while you paddle around. Like the cool body of water you’re be splashing around in, a marijuana-infused drink is a refreshing and delicious way to enjoy cannabis. This will also keep you hydrated as you spend the day in the sun.

We’ve got a few options if you want to try sipping your cannabis while you swim:

If you’re at the pool, beach or lake, leave your glassware at home to avoid injuries and cuts. Put your cannabis beverage of choice in plastic cups to ensure safety.

5. Feel Relaxed at Outdoor Festivals & Markets With a Marijuana Capsule

Summertime means it’s festival season. Whether it’s a farmers market or an artisan festival, these community gatherings are a summertime staple.

At an outdoor festival or market, a discreet way to medicate would be to ingest cannabis gel capsules. One option is the Luminarium Softgels from MedReleaf. They’re formulated with a range of terpenes and non-GMO high-oleic sunflower oil. This formulation acts as a mood uplifter and can increase energy—perfect if you’ll be walking around a market or festival all day.

If you need to relax while in a crowd, which could be overwhelming at times, go for MedReleaf’s Avidekel Softgels. This formulation’s high-CBD content means it can combat inflammation and sore muscles. So, if you’ve been on your feet at an outdoor market or festival for hours, these softgels can help with those sore feet, muscles and joints.

Cannabis can certainly enhance the summer sunshine and social time with friends. But if you overindulge, don’t worry. Eat a snack, stay hydrated and distract yourself with more summer fun—and you’ll feel great again in no time.

Photo credit: Jakob Owens