5 Top Marijuana Strains that Foster Focus & Productivity

byRachelDugas2 minutes

A focused mind is hard to come by these days as our attention spans shrink with every new app and phone notification thrown our way. The good news is that we can train our brain to focus just like we can train our muscles. You can improve your mental health and increase your potential for focus by practising meditation regularly, eating nutritious foods, exercising and getting plenty of rest.

Five Strains for Focus & Productivity

Cannabis can be a great tool for focus and productivity when you find the right strain. Of course, it’s important to tune into your mind and body first to find out why you can’t focus. Are there too many thoughts racing through your brain? Or are you feeling dissociated and having a hard time motivating yourself to think about anything at all? Keep that in mind and take a look at our top five strain recommendations to help you focus.

Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express was made famous by the movie of the same name. This popular strain is very helpful for treating medical problems like depression and stress. A hybrid cross of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, the effects are described as calming and stimulating, easing symptoms of depression while increasing focus, awareness and creativity.

Island Sweet Skunk


Island Sweet Skunk, a tropical-flavoured sativa strain, is popular for its happy and energetic effects. Mostly felt as a head high with mild body relaxation, this strain is helpful if you’re feeling low and need a creative boost to get things done. Best kept for the daytime, it’s often used to treat anxiety, depression, ADD, nausea and pain.



Canna-Tsu is a CBD-rich hybrid is a cross of Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami, offering a mellow experience that is both upbeat and relaxing. With a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, patients describe immediate feelings of calm, along with a mood boost and the ability to focus. Used to treat pain, inflammation and mental health conditions such as ADHD, depression and bipolar disorder, this is a great one-strain-fits-all option.



Papaya is a deliciously fruity indica strain that offers some sativa-like benefits. Papaya relaxes both the mind and body, bringing a light mood elevation. While this strain makes some patients feel tired, others find it makes them energetic and productive, so it’s definitely one to test and find out for yourself. Ideal for evening use, papaya is used to treat anxiety, ADHD, cramps, lack of appetite and migraines.



Cinex is a sativa-hybrid cross of Cinerella 99 and Vortex, Cinex is an uplifting strain with upbeat, energetic effects. Consumers report feeling clear-headed and focused—it’s ideal for being creatively productive. A known mood elevator, Cinex is often used to treat patients experiencing pain or depression.